The decision as to who will be the next US president is drawing ever closer. If it were up to the Germans, then a large majority want a second term Barack Obama – PI readers see Mitt Romney as the better president.

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A TV tip for this very thing: Joachim Steinhöfel, one of the few publicists in Germany that gives a thumbs up for Mitt Romney will be a guest this evening at 10:45 p.m. (Central European Time) with “Markus Lanz” on ZDF.

Here is the LIVE ticker from PI regarding the election:

Good evening, PI readers, my name is Ben, I am American-born from Washington DC (Maryland) and presently am located in the German capital of Berlin. This evening, I will comment on the 2012 US elections for you. I started at 18 years old learning German and would like excuse myself for any possible writing and grammatical errors in this live ticker.

8:50 p.m.: Thousands of dead people in California can voted today for their candidates (NBC). Their position regarding social insurance for zombies? Someone would have asked them, but they weren’t reachable for a comment.

8:45 p.m.: A voter in Florida saw a socialist propaganda poster on the wall of a voting site and photographed it (MRCTV via Drudge Report). That state is known for its voting shenanigans. After mutual accusations of manipulation in the bungled elections of 2000, we can perhaps be happy this year for another interesting election process.

8:25 p.m.: The appearance of Black Panthers at voting stations is just as absurd as a similar appearance by the RAF would be. Imagine a moralizing Ulrike Meinhof wannabe, who babbles on about citizen rights and at the same time bullies conservatives away from the voting booths with believable threats of violence with weapons (Wikipedia over the trial proceedings in 2008 ).

8:05 p.m.: Intrade is perhaps the surest method of predicting the election results because that is where betting with real money on the winner is happening. It doesn’t look quite rosy for our mormons right now, whose chances lie at 30.1% according to the bettors’ estimates.

7:50 p.m.: An election observer in Detroit was threatened with a weapon this morning according to statements by the Republicans. That didn’t matter to the police here (Washington Times).

The police in Detroit have warned visitors that they cannot guarantee their safety. Nowhere in the states are more killed by criminals, and the police are retiring without replacements because of cutbacks (NBC News).

7:35 p.m.: In the US electoral system, the people do not make the direct decision. The ones who win the majority in a state get that state’s “electoral votes,” that is a portion of votes that correspond to the number of representatives in Congress. Therefore, it is quite possible that a candidate could have a nationwide majority and still lose the election.

The “Electoral College” ultimately decides who the next president will be. For this reason, my reporting this evening will individually describe the situations in the states.

7:13 p.m.: The Black Panthers, a group with a history of revenge murders against police make sure there are clean and secure elections in Philadelphia (Source: Fox News). “How many whites have you killed?” the “justice minister” of the group asked in 1968 to great applause from his audience.

The group appears like military to protect the citizen’s right to vote, “regardless of skin color.” They didn’t let themselves be scared off because of a sentence due to intimidation of voters in 2008, rather they still continue to be tirelessly involved for voters’ rights.

US-Wahl Prognose

Romney as good as has the red states, the blue ones go for Obama. The yellow ones are the uncertain “Swing States” that will decide the election. The victor needs 270 electoral men.

US-Wahl Prognose

The Pew Institute surveyed 1000 voters and talks of a head-to-head race. In 2004, 74 percent of the “Hispanics” voted for Obama. Obama certainly can’t maintain this number.

Posted by PI / Translation: Anders Denken

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