Novopress: [Ex-Trotskyist and current French Social Democrat Julien Dray] has just published a blog post demanding the dissolution of the “nebulous identitarians. “ What is your reaction?

Fabrice Robert: Recall that Julien Dray is one of the founders of [the left-wing extremist lobbying group] SOS Racisme. He didn‘t appear to appreciate my remarks against his “buddy“ Harlem Désir at the Identitarian National Convention. His reaction demonstrates that antiracism is a morbid and freedom-killing ideology, constantly seeking to gag those who reject its model of a multicultural and anti-traditional society.

It acts to muzzle all expressions of autochthonous pride, and criminalize all criticism of mass migration into France. This strategy of puting guilt on the ethnic French is intended to allow and encourage an overwhelming flood of immigrants.

Thus the words democracy and freedom are on the tongues of those advocating repression, as the only response to those who reject this new totalitarianism. Harlem Désir, just as all state representatives of antiracism, is a pitiful collaborationist.

Novopress: What are Julien Dray‘s motives?

F.R.: Julien Dray primarily attacks Block identitaire, the movement of which I am the president. He labels it as the “captain of the flagship of [the right-wing scene in France.]“ He adds: “Too many grave acts have been committed by this movement because we remain inactive. The Republic is refraining from applying basic rules in the interest of the common good.” He goes on to name a number of groups: Génération identitaire, Projet Apache, and Nissa Rebela, a movement from Nice associated with Bloc identitaire that has put up candidates for election for some years now. It must be asked whether thousands of Nissa Rebela voters consider themselves delinquents who should be “dissolved” because they refuse to submit to the demands of the enemies of their identities.

I’m not surprised. I know that the professional antiracists don‘t appreciate the instincts of the people, of immune reaction, of the Identitarians. Remember that [German Green Party politician Marc Daniel] Cohn-Bendit, dissatisfied with the results of the minaret referendum in Switzerland, proposed to make the people vote again!

I ask myself if the naff Julien Dray won‘t attempt to profit from the Identitarians’ excellent media exposure, to remain relevant as a public figure…

For our part, we remain calm. They‘re panicking because the know that our ideas are on everyone‘s minds at the moment. Should we “dissolve” Jean-François Copé for discussing anti-white racism? Should we “dissolve” the 68% of French who believe Muslims aren’t making any effort whatsoever towards integration? (Poll carried out by Institut Français d’Opinion Publique for Le Figaro)

We‘re more than a movement, we’re a symbol. We are a people!

Francophone PI readers can access the entire text of the interview here.

Translation: James Augustin

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