“Less meat, less heat,” a Beatle once advertised, and the ecologists have not let up. If they don’t dictate to other people and can’t prescribe for them, then the mueslis are unhappy. Denmark actually has just abolished the fat tax, but that doesn’t mean that in twenty years we won’t have a food law with rationing in the green bio-supermarket and in the public eating halls so that we won’t eat too much unecological food because it has been proven that we produce more CO2 through food than in traffic. That is was the cucumber and carrot paper ZEIT writes.

On page 2 of this article written once again from a mademoiselle of quote, we find out the following:

The nearly 82 million inhabitants of Germany caused through their nutrition almost 164 million CO2 equivalents in direct emissions… For comparison: Traffic contributes 156 million tonnes to total German emissions… Taking both effects into account, each inhabitant causes around 2.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions per year.

… The users should eat less meat and more vegetables, and preferrably seasonal and bio products. Businesses should offer smaller portions, likewise the restaurants, and following logistics better coordinate the supply chain.

Thanks for the tip! Today at noon, we’re having a fat Schweinebraten from the KZ farm (Peta) that does factory farming. Biological, of course, but without the seal of approval from the Eco-Mueslis. The pig is, in particular, truly biological, even without muesli stickers.

Posted by kewil on PI / Translation: Anders Denken

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