Yesterday, they had strikes once again from Athens to Lisbon (photo), they demonstrated and rioted, stirred up, unions, leftists, young perpetrators of violence, communists and anarchists in the debt-ridden southern countries. They want money, dough, moolah, the grit, loot, the stuff, EUROS. But there is no more there, which has long been the case.

The secret is simple. The Euro countries have democratically created a paradise for twelve years and gotten every wish. Reality didn’t count. Money had to be there. If not, debt was created. When that wasn’t enough, taxes were raised. If that wasn’t enough, then others, i.e. the Hitler neighbors, had to pay. When that wasn’t sufficient, the “rich” were plundered. When that didn’t do, paper was printed into money. If that doesn’t suffice… What then? Perhaps revolution?

Posted by kewil on PI / Translation: Anders Denken

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