Ahmed Mouaz al-Khatib al-Hassani, der neue Chef des syrischen Terrorbündnis und Francois HollandeFrench President Hollande (photo right) swims in domestic policy; he brings nothing to the table. Now he would like to make a profile for himself in foreign policy. As the first Western country – Obama then follows – he is recognizing Syria’s terrorists who are calling themselves opposition and promised them deliveries of French weapons. “Democracy” through weapons export! According to Wiki, it appears to be appraised this way:

Of the more than 20 million inhabitants around 74% are Sunnis. From their ranks the opposition to the Assad system does their recruiting. Alavites and Shiites are around 13 percent; about 15% of the population are Christian among whom are the oldest Christian religions. (Error in percentage calculation comes to 101 percent; this is how it stands in Wiki.)

The Assad system was relatively liberal toward religions. Back in 1980 there were still hardly any head coverings (wiki). If the Sunnis take the helm of power, Christians, Alavites and Shiites will be oppressed and murdered as they are already now.

In addition come various ethnic groups. In Syria live Kurds from Turkey and Iraq. The Kurds want their own country anyway to annoy Turkey. The Shiites are supported by Iran. That all fits together as one highly explosive mixture.

Even Israel has recently shot at Syria, but not the Assad troops as some here in the quality press thought, rather at Palestinian terrorists. Nobody knows how many Palestinians live in Syria; estimates go as high as 800,000 people. Syria, of course, was never friendly to Israel, but Israel could at least live with Assad, much in contrast with what is playing out right now in Gaza.

According to estimates, already a half million Syrians have fled. The Yazidis who bring us so much enrichment are mostly from Syria, by the way. With the idiotic woodcutter policy of Holland and Obama the million will soon be reached. Last month alone, more than 850 Syrian refugees came here. And they will never return. Is that what the West wants: ethnic-Moslem cleansing so that sometime only Sunnis and Salafists still live in Syria? Ignoramus Westerwelle recently sat friendly in Doha among the conference of Syrian terrorists.

And please don’t believe what Israel and the Christians down there are saying. Should Israel proclaim that the Arabellion was the greatest political catastrophe for us? They can’t. Will Syrian Christians say the opposition are murderers or nice people? Of course they say only positive things. Also, what then, when one count on rape, torture and murder every day?

(Photo above left: Ahmed Mouaz al-Khatib al-Hassani, the new head of the Syrian opposition-terror-alliance)

Posted by kewil on PI / Translation: Anders Denken

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