The German Defence League demonstrated yesterday, Thursday November 15, in solidarity with Tommy Robinson.

Tommy Robinson, leader of the English Defence League, is a man who risked it all to defend Britain from violent Islam. He lost his freedom in the struggle, and now Muslim gangs threaten his life.

He currently sits in prison, allegedly for using a false passport. His politically motivated punishment is out of all proportion to the alleged crime. The multicultural elite in Britain have unmasked themselves as psychopathic totalitarians, and are holding him under conditions designed to unravel the strongest psyche: 24 hour-lights, guard inspections every 15 minutes, total isolation, and close proximity to murderous Muslim prison gangs. Germans who hear about his plight can’t help but be reminded of the East German political police and its brutality towards dissidents.

We, the German Defence League, take to the street every week to remind the diplomats in the British Embassy that we haven’t forgotten Tommy. Penetrating cold grips Berlin, darkness falls early, and fog swallows the TV Tower. An undercover Skoda joins a green-and-white riot van on the median before the Brandenburger Gate. Last week several specimens of rainbow diversity attacked the demonstrators, including a female GDL member. Our freedom of speech is, for now, guaranteed by police protection.

A van full of our comrades and material unloads its cargo. I revise the English version of our speech, with freezing pens and numbing hands. Our team collects on the median. A blonde American on a bike asks me what we are demonstrating about, far from the only passerby to take an interest in the case.

I stand and deliver in English before the running camera, my breath condensing on the megaphone. My speech is followed by that of a native Berliner, who describes Tommy’s situation in detail to the German passersby. We don’t publish names, to protect our members from violent leftist Antifas, who amuse themselves by burning cars and mobbing isolated individuals.

All across Europe, the traitorous leftists only pick fights against much smaller opponents. The British state, too cowardly to arrest foreign war criminals living on its territory, decided instead to suppress Tommy Robinson, a tireless defender of human rights and freedom.

We are the German Defence League. Every day we grow stronger. We will never surrender, no matter how many of our ranks the rainbow fascists arrest, attack, or defame in the press. We will take to the streets until Tommy Robinson is free, and take to the ramparts until the West is safe.

Posted by James Augustin

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