[…] The Identitaires programmatically surround themselves with the appearance of the young, fresh, patriotic and somewhat different – and yet tread the old, well-known paths of the New Right. Slogans like “100% Identitaire – 0% Racist” sound pretty inocuous. On the website of the Identitaires, the motives however become much clearer: “Our issue as Identitarians is the preservation of our ethno-cultural identity which is being threatened today through demographic collapse, mass immigration and islamization. […] As patriots, we cannot abandon our homeland in the hour of danger. This pushes every Identitairian to action.” In the following lines, the alleged superiority of Political Correctness in Germany is denounced, and a “manic fascism” that “defames” anything and everything “as Nazi” is disparaged – a sound that coincides with the texts on islamophobic blogs like “Politically Incorrect” or articles from the “Pro Deutschland” Party. […] (Source: STERN)

Posted by PI / Translation: Anders Denken

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