As with any conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, the German foreign minister, that is Westerwelle, travelled again to the site, flew back and forth, tied up air traffic, the streets, politics and gave or promised money to both sides in true Genscher parity-like fashion. As ever, that has never worked. What Muslim Brother Mursi thinks of lukewarm brother Westerwelle, one can only imagine. Milking cow, nothing more. This way everything is at least a little easy. Turn the money tap off to the Palis.

That would have to come from Berlin. The German-Turkish News (Deutsch-Türkische Nachrichten) of all people are presently writing refreshingly about Westerwelle:

It was even more absurd to communicate the role of the one who like Westerwelle now flies to the region. Westerwelle said before journalists Thursday evening in Jerusalem that the goal must be a cease-fire to open the Gaza Strip once again. That way it would be possible for the inhabitants of Gaza to bring the economy back into operation. The weapons smuggling, of course, must stop, Westerwelle said. In addition, the foreign minister recommended that the international community play a regulating role here. Westerwelle didn’t go into detail. Right here is the problem: The EU – and the US and UN along with it – don’t ever actually go into details, but believe they can solve the world’s problems with financial means.

Open the borders to Gaza? One couldn’t come across to the Israelis more stupidly. Monitor the weapons smuggling? If the Israelis haven’t done this for years, will the German army do it, or who else? And now for the money, because that is where the devil lies in the details:

In the case of Gaza, however, it would highly recommendable to go into detail right away: 80 percent of the inhabitants of the Gaza Strip now live off international monies. To this date, around 10 milliard (Amer. ‘billion’) dollars of international money flows into the Palestinian areas. The EU alone has been the greatest financier of the Palestinians for the past ten years with two milliard euros. After ten years, however, the question needs to be asked: What really has happened with the money? Why have the militant elites not undertaken anything to lead their people out of poverty?

It’s hard to believe, but that was really the German-Turkish News! The foreign ministry, in comparison, could be packed in!

Posted by kewil on PI / Translation: Anders Denken

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