When Moslems are confronted with criticism about their religion, violence-hungry ideology, totalitarian worldview, political guidelines and comprehensive philosophy of life – called ISLAM – they react most aggressively, outraged and irrationally. Other than a Christian who, upon criticism of the Bible, begins to think, finds factual counter-arguments or concurs, the general Mohammedan flips out. The reason is simple: He isn’t ALLOWED to exercise criticism, otherwise he is considered an apostate and, according to the instructions of the prophet, is to be killed as a traitor. In addition, among Mohammedans rests on their necks the naked fear of the monstrous Hell that is abhorrently described in the Koran. Most Moslems fear nothing worse than to burn there forever and have molten ore pouring down their throats.

(By Michael Stürzenberger)

Those who have already dealt with Mohammedans in such situations knows well enough these events documented in the following videos. Being incapable of facing criticism with one single rational argument, ultimately only deep-throated cries of “Allahu Akbar” and threats are left over after dishonest attempts at coverup of the facts. In the Nordheide area of Munich, there was only the massive presence of police of around 50 officers to be thanked in the prevention of dangerous outbreaks of violence. In the first video, this is alreadly recognizable:/p>

“If the police weren’t there, you’d be dead already!”

More Mohammedans were called by cellphone to the scene so that we found ourselves confronted with a growing host of antagonists. The other highly gripping videos, which can be seen at Bavaria FREEDOM, document the gradual escalation during the rally.

Posted by byzanz on PI / Translation: Anders Denken

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