41 days ago, Jonny K. (†20) was killed at Alexanderplatz. On the 36th day after the crime, I asked the question once again why all perpetrators couldn’t be arrested. I overshot the target by making sought-for Onur Urkal the criminal without him having been sentenced or having confessed. For this, a well-known Berlin attorney’s office reported at the Berliner Zeitung that their client Onur Urkal had requested that we be warned [against pursuing this].

This surprised me: There is a man living in Turkey who has been seriously accused by the Berlin authorities. And who apparently still has not been found by the Turkish police either. At the same time, he can appoint a fine Berlin legal group to act against me.

How does he do that? How did he produce the signature that empowered the Berlin attorney? How did he find out in Turkey that I was writing in Berlin about him? Who called him there? Are the telephones, fax machines and E-mail addresses that Onur Urkal uses to keep contact with Berlin being monitored?

That is what I’m asking Senator of Justice Thomas Heilmann. He can’t answer it, I know, as long as the investigations are going on. However, I found out from senate circles that a warning against the Berliner Zeitung and “a truly astonishing procecure” is awaiting me.

Let’s hold on here: I am getting in trouble with Onur Urkal’s attorneys. Onur Urkal, however, has no trouble; he lives undisclosed in Turkey and apparently still entertains the best contacts with Berlin. This is truly a really crazy world!

And one can only hope that the Turkish police take their job seriously and find the guy being looked for. Since he actually already has given an interview in the “Bild” newspaper, that shouldn’t be so difficult.

(The article appeared in the Berliner Zeitung here! We inserted the complete name. Of course Onur Urkal is only an alleged murderer; since he isn’t returning doesn’t mean a presumption of innocence.)

Posted by kewil on / Translation: Anders Denken

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