A Berlin deportation camp has just been written about in Die WELT. And there, it becomes clear that it wasn’t about royal welfare payments for refugees. In the deportation jail in Berlin-Köpenick, sometimes there are only a handful of inmates, but 166 officers work there. Die WELT, of course, turns that toward money squandering and tear jerking, but who then determined the laws for the well-being of the refugee applicants that in fact can hardly be done away with any more. Let’s look at the personnel.

It is the speech of psychologists working here with the inmates, of a sports group that comes twice a week, of doctors on call, social workers, transport services, security services and much more still. Separate cells for smokers and non-smokers. In addition:

There is a library, a sports complex, a gymnastics room with medical balls, a room of meditation for all religions.

And all of that has to be maintained, not only are cleaning maids and prison guards needed, the building must be kept up. Then there were suicides and suggested suicides, and then the refugee goes to the hospital. All at taxpayers’ expense. Not to mention the attorneys and the justice apparatus. Before prison there were many demonstrations, for that extra police were called in. Costs, costs, costs. Billions at this point. Ultimately, this one deportation prison alone costs 1 million euros a month, which makes 120 million in ten years. But only because the State is incapable of arranging effective measures for a quick deportation. It actually goes in the opposite direction:

Germany has no more borders. Anybody can come here. Any unsolicited intruder who has nothing and can do nothing and, along with the wives he brought and the already present children as well as those not born yet, lay a life-long burden on the pocketbook, and receives money. Our money! For nothing! That is the situation. And the influx continues:

Hundreds of refugees from North Africa reached Italy last weekend in three boats. Saturday, the Italian Coast Guard brought 235 people to the port of Lampedusa, among them 45 women and 6 children… Later, yet another 123 migrants, among them 27 women and a two-month-old baby, were taken from their unsafe raft and transported to Lampedusa.

Oh, how sad! We must accept all these poor people. No fear, we’ll get them. The Italians on Lampedusa will certainly not keep them.

Posted by kewil on PI / Translation: Anders Denken

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