Last Saturday evening, a demonstration of solidarity titled “We Stand For Israel” took place at Munich’s Jakobsplatz next to the synagogue. The Hamas terror organization was plainly condemned with clear words. There were also harsh attacks against media such as the Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper, which on a regular basis twists the facts or constantly shoves Israel into the role of criminal by way of partial portrayal of the facts. The SPD (Social Democratic Party), which recently declared serious “mutual strategic goals” with the Palestinian Fatah movement, also had its turn.

(By Michael Stürzenberger)

All in all, the speeches were filled with refreshing explicitness. There were no preset speech templates and no appeasement for the allegedly oppressed Arabians that have called themselves “Palestinians” since Arafat’s invention of the word, even though this people doesn’t exist. Truly, there is always talk about “islamistic” terror, but nobody dares to attribute the responsibility for the ongoing madness to the ideology of Islam. But it is to be clearly recognized that the code of speech is creeping ever closer to the heart of the problem.

Heribert Schmitz, president of the Nürnberg-Mittlefranken Union of the German-Israeli Association posed, among other things, the justifiable question of how long Munich will let itself continue to be shot with rockets from Unterhaching.

Michael Spaney, Director of the Middle East Freedom Forum Berlin (MFFB), got right to the heart of the Süddeutsche Zeitung propaganda that is hostile to Israel.

Yehoshua Chmiel, president of “Am Echad e.V.” stressed that not only Israel but all of us are threatened by islamic terror. Because Iran is arming up with rockets, parallel to its nuclear bomb program, that can also reach Europe:

Peter Lamm, interim president of Initiative January 27th, showed that the explosive power of the new Hamas rockets are twice as much as the Nazi V2 was. An appeasement policy toward Hamas is to be condemned:

Pastor Hans-Jürgen Müller, interim president of “Begegnung von Christen und Juden (Christian-Jew Encounter),” an organization for the advancement of Christian-Jewish dialog in the Bavarian Evangelical State Church, bemoaned the unclear attitude of his church about Israel:

Steven Guttman, the former leader of the Zionist Youth of Germany and member of the Jewish Student Association, described the shocking everyday life in Israel during the unceasing terror threat by the Hamas. This condition is definitely no longer acceptable:

Johannes Singhammer, [German] federal representative and interim president of the CDU (Christian Democratic Union)/CSU (Christian Social Union) faction in the Federal Assembly (Bundestag), stressed: “Israel does not stand alone.” The perfectly clear cause of the violence is the Hamas’ rockets. Singhammer cited threats from Hamas of carrying out suicide attacks in Israel:

Charlotte Knobloch, president of the Munich and Upper Bavaria Israeli Culture Association, reminded us that the Hamas has shot thousands of rockets at Israel over the past 10 years and misused their own children as human shields as well.

Engelbert Siebler, suffragan bishop in Munich, found healing words for Israel and describes the horror of bomb terrorism that he himself experienced back in World War Two. Siebler, however, noticeably speaks of the “Hamas government,” not of a terror organization:

Israel’s national anthem – guaranteed to cause goosebumps:

We at PI state clearly and explicitly: We stand firm on Israel’s side, the only democracy in the Middle East. A model country in which many Arabs and Moslems, for example, love to live because they have freedoms there that they would never have in an islamic country. We feel that the Israeli people are our brothers and sisters who stand very close to us in their moral compass. Israel stands on the front line against international jihad and has had to lead the battle for more than 60 years that will soon be ours and appears already in its beginnings in Europe.

The would already have been peace long ago in the Middle East, were it not for the poison of islamic ideology in the heads of the so-called “Palestinians.” If the Arabs would use their common sense instead of carrying out Koran mandates, they would cooperate with the diligent Israelis and use their intellectual-scientific-technical know-how in collaboration; it would be incomparably better for them. But they know only the Jew-hate of the Koran, the commands of subjugation by Islam and the disastrous legacy of their “prophet” Mohammed: Jihad.

We pay the people of Israel our full respect: They have cultivated the desert, dried the swamps, settled in the land, planted 250 million trees, and out of the dry, tiny strip of land the size of Hesse they have created an ultramodern Western-oriented country for which no Arab, significantly enough, had no interest before the Jewish immigration.

We call for Israel to be a part of NATO!

Photos of the impressive rally, to which according to Haolam, around 1000 friends of Israel came:

(Camera: Thomas Weiss; Photos: Roland Heinrich)

Posted by byzanz on PI / Translation: Anders Denken

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