Another “light” is burning for Tommy Robinson of the English Defence League, which has sympathizers in Germany as well. Thus, today (Nov. 17), members and friends of the German Defence League joined together in Düsseldorf to call for his release.

(By Sebastian Nobile)

At 4 p.m., we assembled across from the British consulate and were addressed immediately by a militant and aggressive group of Antifas. A woman from our group was attacked, the poster ripped out of her hand. I myself was shoved, and someone tried to get my camera. I was not going to be provoked, and thus, the police intervened and the group of Antifas were forced away from where they had been shouting hollow slogans. “Nazis raus!”, the usual, thoughtless nonsense blared at us, and we blared it back because it was so much fun.

The police need to be mentioned in praise here because they protected us well, were especially friendly and even accompanied us to the city train, since yet more aggravation from the likely lurking Red gang still was a threat for us, to which we are accustomed.

Likewise, a photographer and one of his female companions that, according to their own statements was part of the Antifa, needs to be mentioned in a fair and praiseing way. A reasonable conversation developed with them; they distanced themselves from the mob that had come out against us. We discussed substance, about false accusations of “Nazi” and racism” and also the unnecessary escalation that arises from violence. A pleasing thought occurred to me that hadn’t come to me in many demonstrations and rallies: If many more people from our opponents would, like this photographer, be in the mind to have an objective discussion, then we could all live a normal life and would come to reasonable solutions instead of fighting each other, which serves nobody and binds up energies otherwise and leads to an stirred up atmosphere.

Guest Commentary on PI / Translation: Anders Denken

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