Besides Sheikh Adnan al-Arur, who has already turned out to be a Muslim Brother, and whom the multinationally occupied and euphemistically named Free Syrian Army (FSA) reveres, presently another identity figure of the Syrian “opposition” is now being made palatable to the West. His name is Ahmad Moaz al-Khatib, and he met together with President Hollande (photo) on 11/17/2012 in Paris.

(By Mephisto)

This heretofore unknown character is being presented in this country as though his high morals, “moderate” and independent with relation to political or economic connections speak for themselves. For his appearance in Western media, he presents himself almost like a model in a tasteful suite – however, without a tie… Why?

They are considered by Muslims as an emblem of the infidels. After all, the Pact of Umar – which came into existence in the year 637 of all places in modern-day Syria(1) and was enhanced by further regulations under Caliph al-Mutawakkil (847-861) – started the institution of the dhimma, which, among other things, prescribed through which markings the dhimmîûn would have to indicate themselves in their subjugated position with relation to their new Muslim lords. Among these marking were also found, colorfully codified, a certain head covering and a belt. Hats and ties were later recognized as descendants of both of these accessories of humiliation, following fashion, by islamic law (Compare: Juynboll: Handbuch des Islamischen Gesetzes (Handbook of Islamic Law) …, Leiden/Leipzig 1910, pg. 350, pg. 352, Footnote 5).

As a traveller in Muslim countries or in the daily news, one can observe how this clothing ordinance – with or without tie or hat – is also handled among “Western” clad covered orientals today. It can be quickly recognized among official occasions which camp a certain person actually feels part of. Or [for example] has anyone ever once seen the Afghan president Hâmid Karzai “with” one?

Upon closer look, Al-Khatîb, born in Damascus in 1960, also turns out to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing: He worked as an engineer of geophysics from 1985-91 for the al-Furat Petroleum Company as a joint venture with among others Anglo-Dutch Shell. This relationship, however, didn’t ever let up, rather it led to his becoming a member of the Shell Oil Company group in the Netherlands after Great Britain and to the United States. In 1992, he was primarily active as imâm of the famous ‘Umayyaden mosque (originally a cathedral built by Justinian) after having inherited the renowned office from his father. His addresses, though, during that time were anything but moderate, so much so that he was soon forbidden to preach under then head of state Hâfiz al-Assad. A look at his writings discloses that he called Jews “enemies of God” and Shîites “hostile heretics,” which in the islamistic diction is tantamount to a death sentence. Ultimately al-Khatib settled in Qatar and worked in 2003-04 as a lobbyist for the Shell Group for the awarding of Syrian oil and gas concessions. So much for multi-faceted “independence” and “moderateness” by this new “luminary figure” of the media.

In the beginning of 2012, al-Khatîb was back in a Syria rocked by revolts and immediately got involved with imflammatory tirades against the government for the “opposition” in a suburb of Damascus. He was barely arrested and pardoned(!) once again, he left the country in July and moved to Cairo to the stronghold of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Obama government pressured the Arab League into a conference in ad-Dauha, the capital of Qatar, in order to provide new momentum for the opposition, where the National Coalition of Powers for the Opposition and the Revolution was founded on 11/11/2012 as a new caucus and exile government. From this body arises the present federation of opposition known as the Syrian National Council (CNS) and its henchmen that are occupied primarily by islamists, steered by the French secret service, financed out of Qatar; the Local Committees of Coordination (CLC) on a civilian level; and the FSA on a military level. As their new president, and thus in general, as new president of the embattled country – if it should run according to the desires of the unholy alliance – the US ambassador in Syria back then and compliant supporter of the opposition, Robert Stephen Ford, presented Ahmad Moaz al-Khatib, who showed himself as a Muslim Brother in his appearance speech in Qatar. Like all heads of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) working in public, he masters their techniques best of fitting in with the current public in clothing, form and speech and advocates without scruples depending upon the auditorium he’s in for a multi-religious society or before his own for the complete renaissance and spreading of the Sharia. Such activity is known already by another imâm; his mentor, the spiritual leader of the present-day MB, Yûsuf al-Qaradâwî; and also the grandson of the Brotherhood’s founder, “charming boy” Târiq Ramadân (compare Caroline Fourest: Brother Tariq: The Doublespeak of Tariq Ramadan, Social Affairs Unit, London 2008). Nobody goes so far as Idriz in his taqiyya that he would even wear a tie – however, only in front of a non-Muslim public!

(Source: Thierry Meyssan in on 11/21/2012)

Guest Article on PI / Translation: Anders Denken

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