Among the half-blinded press, talk has been going around lately: Just recently Iran apparently avoided a close gigantic nuclear catastrophe.

(By Dr. Merkava)

In mid-October, small “foreign bodies” were found among the fuel rods in the Iranian Bushehr nuclear reactor whose origins were uncertain but could have brought the reactor to an explosion if it hadn’t been shut down immediately. Apparently, Iran was so close to a nuclear incident of gigantic proportions that the Russian civil defense experts were flown in under instruction from Putin – top secret, of course, in order to avoid a panic in the population – that was to prepare the infrastructure of the region around the reactor for a large atomic catastrophe. Along with other occurences of radioactive “accidents” by employees as well as “health issues” in the area around the Iranian nuclear facilities, this should really have been an important subject for the German Green-Red Battle Press. Should have been.

Iran, and Russia, which is bound up in the equipping of the Iranian nuclear facilities still haven’t communicated whether the incident was that of sabotage or simply incompetence, or a new attack by Stuxnet et al. (More at the secret-service-friendly information service DEBKAfile from Israel).

Posted by PI / Translation: Anders Denken

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