Political imprisonment during Christmastime, is there still such a thing? We aren’t talking about North Korea or China now, not even Somalia, Ethiopia or some other country who doesn’t care about human rights and then is criticized for this by our chancellor when it fits her interests. No, we’re talking about Germany – Cologne. For a month now, Jörg Uckermann has been sitting in jail there and doesn’t rightly know why. He has been accused of fraud in attendance fees, city council meetings and factional assemblies, for each sitting 17.50 euros. Numbers were thrown together that on closer look appear even to the lay person as the thoughtless spawn of sick fantasies.

But all of this has already been dealt with on PI. However, that which doesn’t allow for treatment is a 74-year-old mother who doesn’t know anything at all about what is happening to her dear son. Imagine your son being in prison and the judiciary was blathering about something regarding fraud, 17.50 euros per meeting. Especially when we surely know that people who drive over retires or beat young people to death generally remain free until the trial because there’s a favorable social prognosis and no flight risk. If they take off out of country, too bad.

Let’s take a look now at Jörg Uckermann. His alleged crime is supposedly a few euros of council session money that he allegedly took by fraud. His faction colleagues supposedly have made themselves accomplices as well, but they’re not in jail. It is said that there’s a danger of Uckermann hiding something. What could he still hide? His house was searched through. Wasn’t that about money of which millions lay in hiding? Or, let’s remember Herbert Wehner (SPD) who often criticized even his own people if they entered the Federal Assembly (Bundestag) only because they wanted to sign for the session money and then they left.

Now, if we again look back a few months, we see the Pro action against the Salafists in which NRW Interior Minister Jäger constantly had to hide losses from the court because he wanted to ban legal demonstrations. Uckermann didn’t want to ban demonstrations, not even those of political opponents, but Jäger calls him an enemy of the Constitution, and thus sees himself as in compliance with it when he wants to limit the constitutional rights of others.

From this come clues of suspicion that Jäger, the social democrat, as top guardian of the NRW Constitution that could have brought the Cologne court to detain Uckermann. Such a thing would have been expected more in China where undesired political opponents must sit in jail for trivial things, or some kind of tax crime is invented. If Jäger should in fact be the one behind the action, then this person who entertains good connections with the Duisburg Communists in the city council is not only an enemy of the Constitution, he also acted very sleazily, presumably because of insulted honor among other things. That is, if one can even use the expression “honor” in connection with Jäger…

But all of this is already well known by the inclined PI reader.

Many PI readers have asked themselves for weeks, what can we do? We can very well do something, and even so without endangering ourselves. In the next days, we will send a Christmas postcard or a small Christmas package to Jörg Uckermann in jail at Cologne-Ossendorf (see address below). Through the cards and packages, a public announcement of displeasure would come to stand, and Uckermann, for whom as a devout Catholic the Christmas festival, attending the midnight Mass, and the Celebration of the Manger at the Cologne Cathedral were always very important, will sense that a great many people outside of his prison cell are thinking of him on these days of reflection.

That is already something, and there the coterie of Cologne justice itself can’t just overlook it because of the mass of mail and just simply let this issue drop. Since there has already been a comparable case where the things were not delivered, please let us know in case the same thing should happen with your card or package (it would be best to take a photo for assurance and send it to Uckermann’s innocence as usual speaks for him since the detainment exclusively has a character of safeguarding. According to the law of implementation for detainment, on paper he has more rights than normal detainees, therefore letters must be allowed to come to him.

For those whom the above-mentioned law is not enough, try putting yourselves once in Uckermann’s shoes, or in the shoes of the loved ones who are now missing him during this pre-Christmas season. Of course, the maximum respect is taken for every immigrant. If an apparent asylum defrauder comes to Germany, he’s allowed to wait in freedom with the best care, even if he fraudulently gets social aid from ten different offices and discards his passport as necessary. And then disappears, of course, when he sees that the trial proceeds not to his liking.

It’s not necessary to be a sympathizer for the Pro movement in order to sympathize with Uckermann, not even a patriot. You only need to look once into the heart in order to sympathize with people who because of a wounded ego and a corrupt justice sit in jail.

Here is the address where you can send your Christimas cards or packages (Uckermann really likes cookies):

Justizvollzugsanstalt Köln-Ossendorf

Z.H. Jörg Uckermann

Rochusstraße 350

50827 Köln

Posted by PI / Translation: Anders Denken

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