Daveryon BlasseIn Holland, a 41-year-old football referee was attacked on the green, beaten, pursued in flight, caught and so seriously injured before his own son’s eyes on by the beatings and kicking that he later died from brain hemorrhages. Another victim in the war against our values and culture.

Commentary by G. Andreas Kämmerer)

Anyone who reads the reports of the incidents in the local press as well as in the Frankfurter Rundschau, the Frankfurter Neue Presse, the Offenbach Post and in the FAZ will get no details: namely, that two of the three murderers, Soufyan Babou and Yassin Dardak (“Yassin de Mocro”), were Moroccans, and the third, Daveryon Blasse (“Daveryon de Antilliaan”, photo above), comes from the Antilles. But in the national press, including the ZDF-Heute program on 12/5 at 7 p.m., only “boys” or “teenagers” were mentioned, the nationality of the criminals – with the exception of the sources mentioned here – is not mentioned. Why is the nationality of the perpetrators being suppressed by the press? Why must the reporting follow a censorship that is not allowed to take place according to our Constitution, even though the determining authority in Germany, under a so-called political correctness, are the editorial offices? Why are thousands of other crimes in Germany suppressed and not put into a common context?

Statistical peculiarities in culture

Anyone who deals a little with criminal statistics in general and with murder and homicide statistics and serious physical injury in particular can easily gather from the data of the last 50 years that Germany has an increasing problem with violence, which finds its roots outside the EU: murder and homicide, and serious bodily injury are carried out in an especially great measure by people who do not come from our cultural circle. Moroccans and Turks, but also Lebanese and Algerians, just to name a few examples, when measured up to criminals with bio-German roots are quite often participants in crimes against life: murder and homicide, serious injury and rapes are very easily carried out by the hands of people from these cultural circles. It is a cultural peculiarity, statistically certified. About this, Der Tagesspiegel cites a Dutch authority that may be free of suspicion of extremist positions:

According to a report by the Ministry of the Interior in November 2011, 40 percent of all Moroccan immigrants aged between 12 and 24 years were arrested, sentenced or accused within the last five years because of crimes in the Netherlands. In sections of cities having a majority of Moroccan residents, the youth crime is already reaching 50 percent.

In connection with German conditions on the football field, the same statistical image can be demonstrated; however, the main immigrant ethnic group doesn’t come from Morocco, rather much more from Turkey. The FAZ quotes the following from an investigation (PI has reported this before):

The more serious the offense, the more immigrant the background

An evaluation of around 4,000 cases before sports judges and arbitrators revealed that two-thirds of all game interruptions handled were caused by players with immigrant background. It was primarily an issue of players with Turkish or Kurdish background. (…) the more serious the offense, the more often players with immigrant background were involved.

And because it is a cultural peculiarity (by people primarily coming from the non-European cultural circle) that is not reconcilable with the standards of our Western culture – namely out of rage, disappointment or the simple desire of exercising strength to bring people down using ambush, unexpectedly, through outnumbering them, from behind, by circling in on them, and then kicking the victim lying on the ground or by doing greatest injuries to the head – such a model of culture should not be tolerated in Germany. Because it is a behavior specific to a culture to bring it to a point that the civilizational minimal consensus would destroy a rational society. And it is a mass phenomenon that is not being shown by the mass media.

The indisputable fact, however, is this: nobody in Germany, nobody in Europe, nobody, nobody as an exception can be safe in the year 2012 on the street, in the subway, in a park, on the way to work, on the way home from the sports club, in his private automobile in traffic, etc., from encountering a situation out of nowhere and without warning whose end is brain hemorrhages, a vegetative state, knocked out teeth, broken bones, rape, murder and homicide. NOBODY at ANY time can be secure, in Germany or in Europe, from being killed at any time, fatally injured, raped or traumatized by thousands of other ways and means. NOBODY – it can happen at any time in any place. This must be clearly stated. Honesty demands it.

Keeping politically correct silence

But the media maintain silence about it, the German media, following political correctness, keep the information under wraps about the dead. The German media censor, the German media falsify reality. The German media suppress the nationalities of the perpetrators; the German media suppress the cultural roots of the perpetrators. The German media keep the unbelievably great number of cases silent. The German media don’t report on the greatest problem of modern day: We all are in a war – but nobody is supposed to find it out.

Each one is to die for himself alone. Each family must mourn alone for itself. Each woman is to mourn quietly and silently in her chamber for her stabbed, beaten to death or mobbed to death husband. Each family is to write off their young son quietly and secretly and with him bury all their hopes and happy moments for 20 years of marvelous, cultural development. Each of the at least 20,000 death victims that in the last 50 years is indebted to the multicultural nightmare will NOT be placed in the total context. Each case should and must be an isolated case, an exception, a non-fact, and in this fashion, a non-incident at best, and disappear into obscurity.

War is war

Those in Germany who are no longer allowed to make the causal connection between a mass phenomenon like murder and homicide, fatal injury and rape and the primary sources of cause want the reasons not to be publicized. Those who – systematically – wish to keep the causes silent want to accept the conditions and even foster them.

In Germany and Europe, murder and homicide are being reported in a politically correct way. It is politically correct not to mention all of the perpetrators’ characteristics that correlate with their cultural background. It is politically correct not to mention the extremely high percentage of violent crime that correlates with certain cultural characteristics. It is politically correct to keep people in the dark about the extremely great danger that threatens them from those circles. It is therefore politically correct to allow a whole people, a nation, a society to run headlong to death, to disablement, to tramatization, without reporting about the dangers, the magnitude, the quality, the eventuality, or even to offer an analysis. It is therefore politically correct to keep the war against one’s own culture silent, the day-to-day war against one’s own people, which has brought about the multiculturalization among all of us. And it IS war. Every day, from the schoolyard to the elderly care center. There is fear, there is daily terror, there is killing, there is injury, there is displacement, there is robbery; it fulfills all the characteristics of a war that in a politically correct way is waged and promoted every day in Germany and Europe against our own people.

The leftists and Communists used to shout before in unbridled naïveté as though it were necessary to vote on it in their circles: “There is war and nobody’s going.” Today, it should be said, “There is war and nobody’s looking!”

Today, the leftists and Communists and Greens in the government are deciding that their own people are not allowed to find out anything about the war. And, fact is: there aren’t any Nazi henchmen tearing Jews and opposers of the system from their homes and hauling them off. Today, it is murder and homicide serving as the daily phenomena that have been and are being pressed forcefully into our civilized culture by way of multiculturalization, murders, homicides, and rapes that aren’t being reported – and it could happen anytime to any family in Germany!

It is high time we wake up. It is time to call the battle against our values and the battle against our culture what it is: war. It is time to close the ranks. It is time to fight. We still have time.

Guest article on PI / Translation: Anders Denken

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