Those who have any kind of illusions about real, existing Islam need only to take a look at the 57 islamicly governed countries. Now, the next Sharia insanity is getting underway after Egypt: In Syria Al-Qaeda bands financed by the Arab Emirate Qatar are on the way to bombing the Alavites out of power. Of course, the traditional favorite of beheading with shouts of “Allahu Akbar” can’t go missing. Long-time PI readers and Truth Tube watchers don’t need to be warned; however, for the others : This is nothing for the faint hearted!

(By Michael Stürzenberger)

The usual taqiyya specialsts claim, as they always have, that this, of course, has nothing to do with Islam. The shout of “Allahu akbar” is certainly taken out of context. The beheading of 800 imprisoned Jews in 627 A.D. by Mohammed and his brave compatriots in Medina shows only a coincidental historical parallel, of course. The fact that the prophet is the perfect person and the perfect example for all Moslems is something that only evil islamophobic right-wing radicals assert. The “cut them off at the neck” of the Koran is, of course, wrongly translated – we go on the assumption that it says “stroke them lightly over the neck” in Arabic.

Execution of Alavite officers in Syrian Homs. Even the children are allowed to take part:

SPIEGEL regarding this: “Child supposedly beheads Syrian officer“. Comments can still be made there.

Islam means peace. Eternal peace for these poor officers. They have it behind them now.

Posted by PI / Translation: Anders Denken

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