In Germany, nobody has to starve, go without clothing or be homeless. For the heads of the German Conference of Bishops, Robert Zollitsch (photo left), this, however, is not enough. Since the gap between poor and rich is constantly spreading, which the leftist, liberal unification media don’t tire of emphasizing, the churchman is recommending tax increases and even the dispossession of those who prosper by means of a capital levy. His Evangelical colleague Nikolaus Schneider (photo right) meanwhile is calling for more EU and solidarity with bankrupt countries like Greece.

Der “Spiegel” writes :

The large Christian churches in Germany have warned during the Christmas celebration of an increasing division of society and advocated for solidarity with those who are weaker. “The poor remain poor and wealth continues to increase in the hand of a very few. This is a dangerous development,” the president of the Catholic Conference of Bishops, Archbishop Robert Zollitsch, told the Dortmund “Ruhr Nachrichten”.(…)

Tax increases and levies for wealthy shouldn’t be taboo if it applies to financing societally important missions,” the Freiburg churchman said.

The Evangelical Church also concentrated on social injustice in its Christmas addresses: People are falling more and more into the margin in this country and are threatened with becoming dependent for the long term, emphasized the highest representative of the Protestant Christians, president of the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD), Nikolaus Schneider. (…)

The view, however, should not be pointed at our own country. Schneider, in his message, also called for solidarity with Greece, which is rocked by the Euro debt crisis, and other European countries. He emphasized: “Europe is more than an economic region. Europe is a peace project.” Nations also cannot be considered just on the basis of their material advantage.

Similar statements could also have come from the neo-Communist SED leftists…

Posted by PI / Translation: Anders Denken

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  1. Darum sollen Christen SELK werden.

    That is why I suggest Lutherans in Germany join SELK and leave state-run churches

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