There is a call here to hack and shut down PI. Anyone that wishes to post even the slightest word as a comment against this planned crime (it is actually a crime because of the call for law breaking) is deleted immediately.

(By felixhenn)

Voltaire supposedly said: “I may condemn what you say, but I will give my life so that you are allowed to say it.” Other reproductions of this quote say that a friend said of him: “He may condemn what you say, but he would give his life for you to be allowed to say it.” Regardless of how it was said, that’s democracy. Democracy can only live from differing opinions, and Voltaire was a flawless democrat.

A democracy where all citizens would be 100% of my opinion would put fear in me and I would emigrate immediately. If we would make a comparison between Indymedia and PI and try to be as objective as possible, PI would always win and not just because PI stands on the Constitution, which was very well one of the best German constitutions. I read comments quite often that don’t conform absolutely with PI. However, they aren’t deleted, rather they are debated. Simply with words as are appropriate for a democracy or perhaps also even for half-grown people. Also, first off, legally questionable articles aren’t published and legally questionable comments are deleted, simply according to law and Constitution. My comments have even been deleted before if I reacted with irritation from the gut and in doing so overshot the purpose.

On Indymedia, though, articles are published that explicitly contain a criminal act, whether it be because of a call to a criminal activity as mentioned at the beginning or the glorification of a criminal act. Also, elsewhere there is hardly a similarly thoughtless painting of black and white as there is on Indymedia. The world, though, is not black or white; there are always grey areas. But those who absolutely want to make all things equal because they sit at home in from of their welfare-financed computer 24 hours a day and have nothing else to do, they need to know that that doesn’t happen anymore when everyone becomes poor. And it’s inevitable that they will become that way if we once again steer in the direction of socialism. The substantial things that still can be distributed are quickly gone if the wealthy have the feeling that things will continue to be distributed. Be glad for the wealthy that give money out here. They can hand their money out much easier elsewhere than rich can be captured in a socialist state. Take note: Wealthy can be chased away only once.

Thus, when Indymedia calls for the hacking of PI, that is not only a crime, that is also insane because there would be the loss of an opponent with whom one can debate argumentatively if he had enough brains to do so. Of course we have to give Indymedia the benefit of the doubt that the substance of their arguments won’t produce much. All of the groups praised by Indymedia are losers. Whether they are socialists who always and in every age have failed when they were in power or the Moslems who, to be sure, make children but don’t want to or can’t feed them – see Erdogan.

If, however, there had been only socialists and/or Moslems in the past, we would still have one less problem: Indymedia wouldn’t be present on the Internet because there would be no Internet.

Guest Contribution on PI / Translation: Anders Denken

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