In a tone not unlike a police command, this slogan sounded out via megaphone from a Munich SPD (Socialist Party of Germany) rally Friday, which was protesting against an information booth by the FREIHEIT (Freedom) Party. Apparently it doesn’t fit well with the Reds for a citizens’ rights party to gather signatures for a democratic public petition. Fine, a dozen left-leaning activists gathered together, but besides this desperate appeal, they brought nothing with foundation to our hearing.

(By Michael Stürzenberger)

After we where on the home stretch with our gathering of signatures against the planned European Islam Center at Stachus (in Munich), the actions of the opposing side became even more desperate. There is nothing that could be factually disputed, so there was the attempt then to put a stop to the signatures with the SPD tone of command. Stasi would have set up a camera with tripod on the streetside. What was really interesting for photographing? Citizens at the signing?

In addition, the SPDers tried to persuade the citizens that we were spreading “false information”; there actually is no mosque planned for Stachus. The AZ, Münchner Merkur and SZ newspapers reported extensively about this. Imam Idriz is also soliciting with photos for the planned Herzog-Wilhelmstraße construction site at Stachus in a brochure for the Arab speaking world:

As usual, a few leftists surrounded our information booth and tried to press the so-called “Munich appeal” of Mayor Ude and his cohorts into the hands of everyone passing by. In it, for example (grammar and writing errors included) was:

Right-wing populism in Munich is resortingtodisruptions of events, the sending of hate mails or they are trying to agitate against religious constructions especially of Muslims.

Interesting thing is that this rare appeal was signed also by the Munich regional association of the Bavarian Red Cross, but which is under obligation to the statutes of nonpartisanship[5]. This is to be examined more thoroughly.

The “Nazi” defamations meanwhile remained in check after we had totally and consistently denounced those who had slandered us this way. “There is no right in right-wing propaganda” which was being shown on signs now remained. But all of that didn’t help at all because we worked with high pressure in the gathering until we reached the 30,000 signatures and, thus, the referendum. This Friday afternoon, we managed 100 signatures for the third time, which for a cool winter day on the not-so-lively Romanplatz is not a bad result.

This coming Saturday, DIE FREIHEIT (The Freedom Party) will be holding a rally from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Rotkreuzplatz. At the same time, the Salafists have planned a Koran distribution initiative but have stated no precise place in Munich. Whoever finds the longbeards out, please send us an E-mail at:


The devout ones of the “true religion” want to set up propaganda booths in up to 95 cities to distribute the Koran. Berlin and Hamburg besides Munich, in any case, are among those cities.

Perhaps even spontaneous counter-rallies will pop up.

Posted by byzanz on PI / Translation: Anders Denken

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