In recent days in the German Quality Press, it appears once again that the world is coming to an end, thanks to Israel: an Israeli government, with the final approval of a long-planned settlement, dared to give a shot across the bows to their “peace partner” who is notorious for breaking treaties, namely the Palestinian Fatah, who in their 1964 constitution codified as objectives the “complete liberation of Palestine,” “the founding of an independent democratic state with complete sovereignty over the Palestinian regions and Jerusalem as capital” as well as the “extermination of the economic, political, military and cultural existence of Zionism” (Wikipedia).

(A PI report from Israel by Mr. Merkava)

Of course, this also happened as a reaction to the treaty-breaking, one-sided application for the recognition of a Palestinian state by the UN General Assembly where Israel was stabbed in the back through the holding of a vote by Germany, not to mention other European countries.

The E1 region, with the already long-time basis of plans to annex the Jerusalem suburb Maale Adumim (“red hill”) with Jerusalem after a possible future two-state solution with the so-called “Palestinians” is now the most current point of contention about which the most unimaginable claims of the Palestinians are being puppeted by the Quality Press. For the readers of Europe and the world less informed about the backgrounds, anti-Israeli sand is being vehemently tossed into the eyes. Prime Minister Benjamin (“Bibi”) Netanyahu felt so strongly obligated to correct the direction of public opinion in a form of media blitzing – also with the amplification that after all, the Wailing Wall – most important Jewish shrine in Jerusalem’s Old Quarter – didn’t stand on occupied territory.

The fact that in Syria, countless people were killed by an air attack on civilians standing in front of a bakery isn’t important in the media.

In the empty strip of land were there are settlements by a few Bedouin nomads in shabby, temporary shacks of corrugated metal, if at all,

ultimately a city-building alliance with the beautiful, lively suburb of Maale Adumim is supposed to be formed.

This, in the opinion of all halfway realistic politicians worldwide, will of course stay with Israel, even if the anti-Israeli Quality Press once again raises a storm.

Less will be found out there about what pro-Zionist journalists and bloggers in Israel think of all the excitement. For this reason, PI questioned a news service in Jerusalem

and a political and especially intelligent, long-time, involved blogger from the Negev capital of Beer Sheva at the memorial for the Negev Brigade.

Apart from that, the racist, apartheid state of Israel also greets the European Quality Media from its vacation areas:

Posted on PI / Translation: Anders Denken

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