“Whose bread I eat, his song I sing,” says an old proverb. This apparently doesn’t apply to the EU, though. Truly, Germany is the paymaster here and, thus, the nourisher of this Moloch, however, nobody wants to speak the German language.

(By Étienne Noir)

Instead of German, more English is to be required. The translator positions for German at the EU is to be reduced from 110 to 88 (Who allowed themselves to come to this right-wing extremist number? Fire them immediately!) in the coming five years. In a counter action, the English area is to be built up. That is more than disrespectful and audacious in the face of the greatest contributor and the one who is really keeping this shop alive financially.

The Union (CDU) announced some time ago that it would campaign for more German in the EU. Thus, CDU politician Gunther Krichbaum (photo above) looked upset and among ongoing negotiations called the reduction decision “a disrespectfulness against a national parliament.” Did he seriously believe that anyone would approach such a puppet theater as the Federal Republic of Germany with respect? Just pay up and shut up! The sun laughs over Italy, and the whole world over Germany!

Guest Article on PI / Translation: Anders Denken

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