Peter AltmaierPoland wants to put a stop in the future to unwanted electricity from the German wind generating systems. So-called phase shifters are being installed which will help in blocking border-crossing electrical currents.

The reason for this is the erection of large wind power parks in the north and east areas of Germany in the course of the energy conversion. Because there are not enough power lines to transport the green kilowatt hours to the users in southern Germany, the electricity, following physical laws, seeks its way to Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg via the power networks of neighboring countries. Now, Poland and the Czech Republic will no longer make their networks available, since their own power networks become destabilized by the intermittent outages from the wind power. The article in Die WELT has more than 140 comments! The German power customer, of course, pays for everything – even the discontinued or undelivered electricity!

Posted by kewil on PI / Translation: Anders Denken

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