Australian professor Richard Parncutt (photo left) at the University of Graz who came to our attention yesterday because he called for the death penalty for deniers of climate change also wants the pope to be executed because he is to blame for the death of millions of those sick with aids because of the condom ban. Whether the pope was in the very first text and we missed reading it is uncertain. But now, at least the Austrian newspapers have awakened. In the self-named German “Quality Press,” nobody is reporting anything. Thus, the role of blogs like PI is all the more important.

English link:

» Professor says execute Pope Benedict!

German links:

» Grazer Professor forderte Todesstrafe für Papst!

» Grazer Uni-Professor: Todesstrafe für Papst?

» Todesstrafe für Papst: Professor sorgte für Aufruhr!

» Graz: Uni-Professor fordert Todesstrafe für Papst!

» Und Politplatschquatsch!

Posted by kewil on PI / Translation: Anders Denken

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