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For many years, I have enjoyed reading articles on PI, I find this blog to be first-class, and the articles have contributed quite a bit to my education regarding subjects such as Islam or EU. Often already, I thought I will write an article about some subject, but then I didn’t feel too sure about […]

Since December 2012, the phenomenon of the “Arab Revolution,” euphemistically called “Arab Spring” by the Western media, has kept us occupied, a series of peoples’ uprisings, armed revolts, in some cases civil wars, that apparently broke out unexpectedly and led to the deposal of several islamic heads of state (Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen), to constitutional […]

While media, politicians and Islam representatives want to make us believe the fable of 99.99% peaceful Moslems in our society, we have had totally different experiences in our weekly rallies in Munich. Insightful Moslems who also want to sign against a mosque financed by terror and an imam under suspicion by Constitutional Defense are an […]

Hardly anyone held it for possible, but now the Turkish judiciary has actually done it: Pinar Selek, sociologist, feminist, warrior against machismo and militarianism, is to go to prison. For life. It is a dreadful sentence, and anyone who has had doubts about Turkish rule of law until now must ask themselves whether it really […]

Former head of government Milos Zeman (68) will be the new president in Prag. The campaign consisted of pernicious nationalism against Germans and the defense of the criminal Benesch Decree, also by reigning President Klaus. That is the EUSSR, the Europe of the phoney “mutual values”! But we ourselves are to blame. The annulment of […]

The Geert Wilders’ Dutch Partij voor de Vrijheid (Party for Freedom) has created a new website named “MoskNee” (Mosque No!) to make it easier for citizens to fight successfully against the building of new mosques.

Obama’s second inaugural speech contains wonderful passages: “America’s possibilities are limitless, for we possess all the qualities that this world without boundaries demands: youth and drive; diversity and openness; an endless capacity for risk and a gift for reinvention. My fellow Americans, we are made for this moment, and we will seize it – so […]

Saudi Arabia has supposedly released 1239 criminals sentenced to death by beheading and sent them to Syria so that they can be educated for jihad and then to fight against the government troops. As the Neue Online Presse reports in their article “Release for Murder,” Turkey supposedly also proceeded in a similar fashion, which would […]

Bulgaria is known to have stood under Ottoman-Moslem rulership for more than 500 years of which many Bulgarians still remember with trembling, so that emotions even today in connection with Turkey run high. A few days ago, Ahmed Demir Dogan, whose party “Movement for rights and freedoms” (DPS) was allegedly financed from Turkey and follows […]

The Gates of Vienna blog, which was shut down by Google a few days ago, has moved and can now be reached at the new address As the owners report, the blog is still not completely set up, but it’s functional, and comments can also be made already.

Aiman Mazyek, president of the Central Council of Muslims in Germany and demander of service, whines in last weekend’s socialist Neues Deutschland daily newspaper about the cracks in the society of the land of Moslems, in Germany. He and his German brethren of the faith have great concerns for their land. Because crimes against devout […]

A new book from Berlin cultural historian, Michael Mann, “Sahibs, Slaves and Soldiers,” is dedicated in interesting detail to the history of the slave trade around the Indian Ocean: “On closer look, it appears that slavery and the slave trade present an immense economic and social factor in the African-Arab-Asian region of the world, or […]

As PI reported, disagreements have developed in connection with the invitation of the French parliamentarian to the celebration of the Elysée Agreement in Berlin. Our leftist-centrist block parties in the Bundestag sent subliminal messages to Paris early on, so that it would be made difficult in the role as host for the rightist Front National […]

Dear ladies and gentlemen, I wrote you a letter about a year ago. I never received an answer. The subject is still the same, only that in the meantime, the situation for the Jews in Europe has become more precarious. Do you think that your inactivity has brought about an improvement this year despite the […]

While the Central Council of Jews in Germany still deals centrally with the threat against Jewish life by old and new Nazis, antisemitic Islam is taking over the de facto ethnic cleansing in more and more large European cities. Yesterday it was Malmö and Amsterdam that had to report of an exodus of Jewish life […]

The appointed court date for January 24, 2013 against Michael Mannheimer has been cancelled. The reason for this decision is a motion of bias filed by his attorney Michael C. Schneider along with a punitive motion against the presiding judge. Whether the trial will be halted altogether, though, is still not completely out in the […]

How proud England used to be that it could claim for almost 1000 years – namely, since 1066 and William the Conqueror – of never again being conquered by foreign people. Regardless of whether it was the Spanish Armada, French Napoléon or German “Greatest Commander of All Time,” all of them ended up burying their […]

What has Obama accomplished? Nothing. For what did he receive the Nobel Peace Prize? Nothing. What does he have to show at the end of his first term? Record debt, otherwise nothing. Obama’s Esprit? Nothing more than trivial do-gooder rhetoric. His economic competence? Print more money and give it out, otherwise nothing. Obama is a […]

In the Baden-Württemberg town of Bretten, a man seriously injured his heavily pregnant girlfriend with stabs in the stairhouse of a multiple-family dwelling, and the baby they were to have together was killed in the process. Doctors were unable to save the unborn child with an emergency Caesarian section.

Apparently there is no more security from Muslims, even in the universe of Star Wars. The producer of the Lego toy has had the opportunity of feeling this. The company has brought displeasure upon itself from the Turkish cultural community through a Lego building set with the Star Wars subject area.

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