Islamic terror came to Germany long ago, even though our security authorities thus far have been able to thwart almost all of the attack attempts. What is little known is that Moslems spyed out the Allianz Arena before the world football championship in 2006 so that they could blow it up. They were taken into protective custody, something Bavaria’s interior minister Joachim Herrmann stated a year later in an ntv press conference. And now, Munich citizens have to accept the fact that the terror supported Arab country Qatar is financing a giant islamic center at the Stachus.

(Michael Stürzenberger)

The citizen petition against this project of insanity now finds itself on the home stretch. Almost 21,000 have already signed, and each week there are more. The untarnished information about this dictatorial Sharia state is also increasing. The long-time Berlin correspondent for the Arab news network Al Jazeera, Aktham Suliman, spoke with Deutsche Welle about the Emir of Qatar. He despotically determines what the TV network reports:

It’s no pleasant feeling when one has the impression of not being a journalist anymore, but rather a biting dog that must attack a country or a government according to the whistles of his master. That really has been quite extreme: this long silence at the beginning, and then later, the wild interference – all at the beckoning of the master of Qatar.

Qatar is a clear one-man dictatorship:

There isn’t one single government worth taking seriously, not to mention the opposition. Politics, as they understand politics – that is pro and contra, interest groups, appeals, whether democratic or dictatorial – none of that exists in the Gulf region. Not in Qatar, nor in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, nor in the the United Arab Emirates. The Gulf states have rulers that have ruled for decades, some for centuries, according to the principle of inheritance.

The former Al Jazeera correspondent criticizes the false judgement of Qatar by German politicians:

Catastrophic, outrageous, inexcusable. Of course, I as a German politician, as a Western politician am obligated to the economic interests of my country. But why do the journalists do that? It is extremely rare that in the German media there is censorious reporting about Saudi Arabia or Qatar. Rarely is it a subject that a permit for filming in the street is needed and what the situation of human rights is in these countries.

Besides this, a form of slavery is being practiced in Qatar:

In German media it is also hardly mentioned that there is downright slavery there. Asian workers go to these countries, work a few years in Qatar, Saudi Arabia or in the United Arab Emirates and then return home – often as wrecks. The women often return home pregnant. These people can spend 50 years on the gulf and, regardless of this, never receive citizenship. Those are unbelievable, inhumane conditions – and that isn’t mentioned at all. Instead, the subject is brought up in longer reports by German television which emir possesses how many old timers and how many palaces. That is outrageous, unbelievable and inexcusable.

It’s high time the citizens of Munich be educated about this monstrous outrage. The FREEDOM Party (FREIHEIT) does this week in and week out. Because the established parties fail miserably in doing so. They have only filthy lucre in mind and are glad that Qatar has bought out the Merck, Finck & Co. banking company and now plans to order 200 Leopard tanks from the Munich Armorsmith Krauss-Maffei for 2 billion (Eur. ‘milliard’) euros. The large investments in Volkswagen, Porsche, Hochtief, etc., and so on, are making it so that these politicians all close their eyes to the massive danger that this Moslem terror supported country means for the Bavarian capital and all of Germany. But the residents of Munich will soon be able to render their opinion about this.

Here is the last video of the FREEDOM (FREIHEIT) rally from last Saturday:

PS: Today’s rally will take place at the Munich Orleansplatz in spite of rain.

(Camera: Calimero; Video Processing: Angela Volksschaden / Deutsche Welle Hat Tip: Xrist)

Posted by byzanz on PI / Translation: Anders Denken

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