Leftists have nothing to offer in the debate about Islam other than insults, outrages, empty platitudes, stupid slogans, hens’ cackles, obscene gestures, aggressive threats, noises, shouts, whistling, spitting, tearing of flyers, knocking over posters or physical attacks. Argumentatively speaking, they are a total failure in the debate. The typical leftist comes to the information booth, parrots a couple of mindlessly formatted sentences and then runs quickly away again whining so that he doesn’t have to lisen to the facts that might endanger his left-twisted worldview. The most pitiful are the extreme leftist continual besiegers of our initiatives that must presently know all of the highly dangerous facts but still stand doggedly upon their stubborn fight against those who inform about Islam.

(By Michael Stürzenberger)

In this video a Juso, or young socialist, can be seen very proudly laying a torn up flyer on the table in our pavilion. He pushed our video camera away with his hand. Before that he was constantly walking back and forth in front of our pavilion like an unhappy tiger. When a verbal debate came up with a Moslem that insulted me by calling me a “f***ed up, dirty Nazi,” he joined in the group and tried to push me away with energetic physical engagement. He surfaces regularly at our info booths and tries quite hard to stop the gathering [of signatures]. Thus he threatens citizens willing to sign, babbles at them with his “right-wing populist” slogans and like a tick follows signature gatherers closely wherever they go.

Another leftist came from behind the stand and spat demonstratively on the ground in front of me, which apparently he had observed from Moslems. Another held up his idiotic “Shame on you” poster. He put it away quickly when we confronted him with the fact that it was he who should be abysmally ashamed of his total ignorance.

An other one shouted his “Nazis leave” slogan as if out of his mind but was quickly silent when we showed him the complete idiocy of his blaring before his eyes. After all, it was Islam that made a pact with the Nazis. No wonder because both ideologies have many similarities like, for example, hate of Jews, the Führer cult, the welded together national community, the abasing of dissident thinkers, the legitimation of violence and killing, and the sole claim to totalitarian power. When he heard that we along with the best friend of Sophie Scholl and the courageous Nazi fighter Susanne Zeller-Hirzel reestablished the White Rose, he left off with his denouncing shouts. This left-twisted one was a newbie, and so we decided not to register the normal immediate complaint against him.

These encounters demonstrate visibly that absolutely nothing can be factually brought against those who inform about Islam. We will inform the citizens of this country, and we will harvest unlimited approval among all those whose brain cells haven’t been glued together by leftist ideology. We will stand firm against all established politicians and either bring them into our way or become a strong competition in the landscape of political parties that change this country.

Here is the video “The intellectual poverty of the leftists”:

(Camera: Calimero)

Coming Next: The Threat of Moslems and the Narrow Mindedness of Leftists

Posted by byzanz on PI / Translation: Anders Denken

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