“…there we will also go! We are interested in each of these places.” The Viennese, however, better dress warm very soon! PI readers already know about Erdogan’s idea of forbidding a sultan in the harem series on TV that shows him as too lecherous and drunken, and that doesn’t show the Ottomans as brave Mohammedan world rulers, and then making them broadcast only the “historical truth.” Erdogan would be amazed over his ancestors, the bands of murderers, but he of course thinks censorship.

The FAZ has composed a longer article in the process – by the way not EU compatible – and alongside happened upon the above mentioned quote, which we didn’t know about, therefore, a reiteration:

In a highly regarded speech even abroad, Erdogan reminded the Turks at the end of last year – the incidental occasion was the opening of an airport in the Turkish province – of the greatness of their past and the growing responsibility arising from it: “We live in a world with seven billion. What our duty is, we know very well. Wherever our ancestors rode on horses, there we will also go. We are interested in each of these places.” Therefore Turkey must get active in Gaza, Syria, Lebanon, Kosovo, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Burma and Somalia.

Hmmm, when were the Turks actually in Burma? But world ruler Erdogan can gladly send his Anatolian illiterates to Iraq and Afghanistan, but not to us! Ride eastward!

Posted by kewil on PI / Translation: Anders Denken

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