1400 years of Islam: conquest, subjugation, robbery, enslavement, oppression of women, violence, killing. Antithesis of Christianity. Scourge of civilized humanity. Downfall of culture, science, intelligence, logic, understanding and intellect. Visibly observable in 57 pitiful countries on this planet. Often it can only be endured with humor when being constantly annoyed by Islam. A poem from PI readers: Islam go home.

How it all back then began,
Today in Darfur observe we can
That which only the Muslim will
From foreign people he will steal

Spelt and oxen and damask
Can the camel lift? you ask
And as thanks for harvest swipe
He leaves his seed in the farmer’s wife

In modern Germany, only here
His presence he won’t clear
A cellphone you refuse to give him,
His foot someplace you’ll feel so grim!

Even in Winter bitter cold
Robbery will he not withhold
Infidels, miscreants all we are,
Slice our heads off, toss them far!

In Algeria – warriors of god
Massacre myriads on their sod!
But those 20,000 fighters
Play like little refugee blighters,
To measure us and to calculate,
As Allah them his will did state!

An infidel you’ve taken away,
To get in Paradise a place to stay
In economy you’re all too idiotic
Finding work not even periodic,
Jizya you’d rather on us impose
And in the whorehouse find repose

German ladies to him are whores,
T’is read in Suras by the scores
Only on his wedding night
Is someone fresh within his sight

So that this can be displayed,
The proof’s upon the window laid,
For marriage shall the cousin be,
Much Frankenstein there is to see

In the school he’s total failure
Can’t be taught the brain can’t store
What in life important may be
Must open up the Koran to see
Since Allah all these words did send
Their truth, of course, it has no end

In the schoolyard there’s the teasing
German goofs, Jew pigs, and Michael never ceasing
Stature none, thinking none, and charm much the less
For the future only fortuneless
The only ones that are to blame
The racist German is their name

So much gel in the hair he swirls
To be impressive for the girls
Should that not be too beguiling,
He’ll add fitness to his styling

A caliphate for the world so wide
T’is the only State that he’ll abide
Above all things he wants to be
That ALL is like HIM must he see

The pork is stricken from the menu,
But still that doesn’t make the due!
Christmas tree must leave the townhall,
St. Martin’s Parade just gives him gall.
Fuss till Moors Street’s proudly gone;
The Jews’ Lane of course won’t stand alone.

The same about women we know,
Four of five to the agency go
For among the Moslems is the wish
The State its welfare to them should dish
From this then most on their side
Can right away a Daimler provide

For them we are but adversity;
Our language such hard entity
With nothing learned and marriage forced
Choose copious motherhood as the course

If the Germans must always toil,
They are there to cause a spoil
For this condition here at home
Is Beard-jihad when called by name

Cover the body with the cloth so black
That no one sees the scars on back
For there in Sura Four you say:
“Beat the woman that in line won’t stay!”

Many are there that don’t withstand
And in the women’s shelter they do land
The children hear, listen to me carefully:
“Don’t talk to Germans; they’re too free!”

A system will persist to be of good,
To consume its host land till it’s dead.
But this is by determination
– t’is all but Islamical delusion

Guest Article on PI / Translation: Anders Denken

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