In many parts of the world, the Muslim battle against the rest of the world is taking place, whether in the form of well developed attacks or demoralizing exile or in small-scale persecution. Currently, Mali is burning where islamic bands have advanced up to the capital where they were then stopped by French troops. Also, in the Middle East we see how Palestinians are working together for the destruction of Israel, and everywhere in the world where Muslims multiply, the violent and parasitic policy that Mohammed lived out before all Muslims as a shining example must be reckoned with.

(By Sebastian Nobile, German Defence League)

As treacherously the battle and the propaganda against the Jews, Christians and any others that stand in the way of islamic world rule is waged can be continuously seen in how Muslims abuse their own children for the sake of instating in Islam.

In the case of islamic aggression in Mali, on Saturday, a large number of Muslims showed up in front of the French embassy in London to support the islamic nation, the umma. Not that we’re unaccustomed to misanthropic Muslim messages that appear at a demonstration, but the photo above showing Muslim children aged from around 6 to 10 years can only be called really pitiful.

The involvement of children for propaganda can only be called an incidental stupid idea by morally corrupt parents, were there not enough proof that his is no isolated case in islamic culture. Thus, here in the video, a small child can be seen who was asked by a delighted moderator what Jews were, and the child in her innocence answers that which has been instilled into her.

Besides the human shields in which children are used, we also have images from the Middle East like this in which a little boy can be seen being prepared for his future as a martyr by his own mother:

What might be interpreted by anti-Semites like Augstein here as an act of desperation by poor, persecuted groups of people, is objective seen as nothing other than organized child abuse in the name of Islam whose hatred of humanity wipes out the protection of children, the integrity of their soul or their God-given right to a normal childhood for a repulsive battle against the civilized world that rejects the abuse of children for child brides as well as for means of propaganda and soldiers.

There is a beautiful proverb: “A society must let itself be measured by how it deals with its weakest members.”

The Muslim society fails completely here. Not only in the protection of women or minorities that believe differently, but also with sick or desperate people like alcoholics or small thieves who are brutally punished in islamic law, or with people who commit an error such as adultery or homosexuals who can be easily “punished” because, as a rule, they have no great lobby. No it also fails completely in giving its own children the room to grow up unencumbered, with play, with naïve hope and an innocent view of the world in order to become responsibly thinking and acting individuals.

Ultimately the following should be made clear to any halfway reasonable Muslim in light of these conditions: “Something is going seriously wrong here, and we must work to change it.”

More and more, there are single figures in the islamic world who are trying to do this. Since criticism can potentially end fatally in Islam, we also see here that the Muslim society, when looked at on the whole, fails worldwide to question itself and to go down new paths. The fact that all of this ends up costing their future and their children’s future, is something that isn’t too noticed, that becomes blurred and confused through the spiritual blinding of the teaching of an immoral, monstrous demon-possessed individual named Mohammed.

In spite of this, one is constantly astounded when having to notice how little resistance and protest there is from the Muslim community when people must ever and again die because of caricatures or satirical films, for in the so-called age of information, the responsibility of the person cannot be limited to saying: “He didn’t know better because he learned nothing different from his childhood up and knew only the islamic teaching.”

To a certain degree, it is certain that a person is victim of those dangerous ideas which are implanted in him, but also there is always self-responsibility, a conscience, humaneness: It’s that way in every form of human society, and Muslims are not released from their duty of using these possibilities, even when that is certainly very difficult within a stable Muslim society.

Guest contribution on PI / Translation: Anders Denken

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