In Great Britain a repulsive case of systematic Muslim group rapes of girls, some 11 years old, is once again leaking out. As usual, none of the nine accused have European names. Reading the bill of indictment took a half hour in the central penal court of London. In Oxford, indigent girls – preferably those from difficult family situations – were being systematically drugged and prostituted as sex slaves. There was hardly a crime that wasn’t carried out in connection with this.

The defendants are between 24 and 38 years old. Truly, the unavoidable “difficult childhood” of these beasts will be made nonetheless relevant in the trial and degree of sentencing. Instead of giving a harsher sentence to criminals who also abuse our European hospitality, there is no need of being a prophet to see what will be considered with having an “Islam bonus”.

And most certainly, once again no judge will probe into which role the infidel-women-hating image of humanity by Islam played in these crimes. After all, that could yield stronger consequences for the misunderstood religious freedom in Europe nowadays – and for the immigrant policy in any case. It’s easier to make up some lie about the experiences of discrimination by the evil Bio-British population in the criminals’ youth.

Will it be considered racism when in the future concerned British parents forbid their daughters and sons from going around with Muslims and also otherwise Bio-British people start moving out of the way for “Asians”?!

It is this societally-forced, ethnically-dividing effect of abusing our hospitality that needs to be considered as cause for intensifying the sentencing of such criminals. Ultimately, they have been shown to be destroying not just single individuals, but also undermining complete societal structures.

Video: Protest in front of the judicial building against group rapists

Posted by PI / Translation: Anders Denken

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