In an article about the attack on the BP facility in the Algerian city of Aménas (PI reported), Der Spiegel quotes an eyewitness: “They told us from the beginning that they didn’t intend it for Muslims. For them, it was about the Christians and infidels. They appeared to know the terrain pretty well and used the language of radicalIslam.” The kidnappers made it clear that they “wanted to kill the infidels.”

In our view, subjugation, violence and the killing of so-called “infidels” is not radical in Islam, rather its central component. The goal of Islam is to enforce itself worldwide, if necessary with violence. The Koran contains 25 concrete calls for murder and countless other calls for violent acts against the “infidels,” like for example:

“He it is that has sent his emissary with … the religion of truth to make them victorious over any other faiths.” (Sura 48, verse 2) [The verse numbers sometimes change around among other Koran editions]

“And fight against them [the infidels]…, until all believe on Allah.” (Sura 8:39)

“The [the believers] shall fight in Allah’s way and kill and be killed.” (Sura 9:111)

Non-Moslems are expressly degraded in the Koran:

“Behold, with Allah, the infidels are worse than cattle.” (Sura 8:55)

“Behold, the infidels of the people of the book [that is, Christians and Jews] … They are the worst of the creatures.” (Sura 98:6)

The Koran calls for violence against those of other faiths and dissident thinkers:

“But when the holy months have passed, beat the idolaters wherever you find them, … and lie in every ambush upon them.” (Sura 9:5)

“And when you meet the infidels, then off with the head until you have wreaked a massacre among them.” (Sura 47:4)

Here is a short introduction about “What you need to know about Islam.”

Posted by PI / Translation: Anders Denken

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