What has Obama accomplished? Nothing. For what did he receive the Nobel Peace Prize? Nothing. What does he have to show at the end of his first term? Record debt, otherwise nothing. Obama’s Esprit? Nothing more than trivial do-gooder rhetoric. His economic competence? Print more money and give it out, otherwise nothing. Obama is a big fat zero. But all of this makes no difference. Because Obama is seen as a visionary, a bearer of hope, as a political messiah – and he means all too well. That’s enough these days. Especially for the bulk of European “intellectuals.”

(By Theobald Krude)

Also coming into play: Obama is a black man. That is enough, too. Having Muslim roots, he personifies the negation of the white, Anglo-Saxon and Christian America and advances in leftist EU-Europe to the icon of a “new “America” that denounces the European identity. America under Obama stands for a European country in origin that has hollowed out and overcome itself. Thus, in what is otherwise anti-American Europe, America is now an inspiration, particularly for the social-utopian project of, at most, still a geographically and technocratically intended Europe that is dispossessing and releasing itself from its identity with all the force of a powerful central government.

We are all the time asking ourselves here at PI where this infernal self-hate of the West might come from, whose “elite” delight in the dying out of their own kind, who twist their own history into black legends, who in the name of “tolerance and openness” tie Islam of all things around the throat, or like we see here, fall for a false prophet because they want to see in him the abandonment of Western, Christian, white culture personified. How does it get to the fact that in Europe everyone in unison can hardly contain themselves anymore against patronizing goodwill and enthusiasm over the fact that the European America – our America – is passé with an Afro-American as president, and that a piece of Europe is abolishing itself?

Is it possibly offensive that the human-empowering things we have experienced in the form of our distinctively Western culture – our potential to understand and shape the world, our autonomy, self-awareness, our ability to question our own terms of possibility – for which this very “Western” form can be thankful, which we have demonstrated to us through our human power and freedom as to how much we rely on this very thing upon an intellectual and material heritage, upon an enabling historical-cultural context? Do we want to strip off this last, humiliating rest with all force from relativity and insolvency?

With a look to the coming four years, we believe that Barack Hussein Obama also will not be in the position to create value if he, unfortunately, can also destroy anything of value. If at the end of his now beginning second term there are only failed projects, new record debt and a torn-up country, the European leftist do-gooders will out of force as a last resort slip into world joke mode and celebrate their “heroes” in whining tabloid articles, blame the “primitive” – white, Christian, male, armed – America for all the unfulfilled promises, and conclude with resignation that a noble visionary like Obama has to fail in this corrupt world. We want to hope so!

Guest Article on PI / Translation: Anders Denken

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