As PI reported, disagreements have developed in connection with the invitation of the French parliamentarian to the celebration of the Elysée Agreement in Berlin. Our leftist-centrist block parties in the Bundestag sent subliminal messages to Paris early on, so that it would be made difficult in the role as host for the rightist Front National parliamentarian who was invited along. The result then came – as can be read on – post haste: Marion Maréchal-Le Pen decided simply to stay home. She twittered:

“We will be the representative for those who go about against the forced march of the German-French couple in the direction of European Federalism.”

Along with this, her aunt, the FN party president Marine Le Pen harshly criticized the alleged governing role of Germany in Europe.

“All in all, it is the German Europe that we are asked to celebrate today.”

The result is a “systematic subjugation of France under Germany.” The viewpoint of the Germans is being pushed on the rest of Europeans in every area, from spread of EU to the east, to the Euro, to the fiscal agreement, she wrote on Tuesday in a communication on the 50th anniversary of the Elysée Agreement.

At least she still expressed herself restrictively:

“The problem is not Germany, which rightly defends its own national interests, but the French elite who refuse to defend their own country.

In addition, she still called the Elysée Agreement a “great agreement” that enabled “fruitful collaboration” between Germany and France.

The Front National in France is also a solid component in the political discourse, even in the media. A good 15-20% of eligible voters – and young people primarily – stand behind it. (When considering the bio-French, the FN pretty well speaks more or less for a third of the voters.)

The fact that Germany once again is missing a historical train by because of bourgeois culture of subjugation because it bravely refuses to send any freedom oriented conservatives or otherwise “right” formations to its parliaments is something that could still come back to roost. Not only is the voice lacking in our policy, but also the antenna for the powerfully present Euro-scepticism in all of Europe. Through such policy, we have no parliamentary bridges or address partners available to us to the strengthening Europe critics in all the countries around us.

Therefore, the danger when seen from this side is very great that a revised Europe project will take place through the Euro trap with our money, but under far reaching exclusion of our interests.

Posted by PI / Translation: Anders Denken

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