Dieter GraumannDear ladies and gentlemen, I wrote you a letter about a year ago. I never received an answer. The subject is still the same, only that in the meantime, the situation for the Jews in Europe has become more precarious. Do you think that your inactivity has brought about an improvement this year despite the many concrete indications that you receive from people like me and others.

(Open letter by Sebastian Nobile to the Central Council of Jews in Germany)

You continue to court Islam. You are helping the grave-diggers of your fellow believers to dig a large grave in this country and in Europe, where not only Jews will find a place, but also Christians and everyone who has a heart for freedom, justice and peace.

Jews from France and Belgium and other parts of the continent are leaving Europe because of the increasing hostility toward Jews from the islamic community. The tip of the iceberg are cases such as the victims of Mohammed Merah last year.

And I think you know precisely what I’m writing about here. You have far more reports of such incidents than I can rummage together on the Internet, and you have to know precisely the threat situation. However, I alone, as a non-Jew, know so many incidents already that it makes my hair stand on end!

How much the Jews in Germany feel betrayed by you is highly questionable. You are seen as a lobby organization. For me, however, you currently don’t seem to be a serious representative of Jewish interests in Germany

I don’t exactly know the reasons for your behavior. I am very sure, though, that you are going down the wrong track with this. What you are doing can only be compared with the support of a new generation of National Socialists. Not only your public fraternization with the Jew-hostile Islam, but also your silence to the numerous crimes in Europe for which not even certain neo-Nazis can be blamed, but rather for the most part, the Muslim population, or their islamic doctrine, this is a sin against the Jews.

I hope you don’t see this letter as a personal affront, but any reasonable person has to ask themselves the question why you aren’t representing the interest of Jews in Germany like you should!

I wish for you and the Jewish population in Germany that they will be able to live here in peace and freedom in the future as well and not be afraid of harm! I also cannot believe that you want to look on idly at this threatening expulsion of Jews from this country due to this development of Muslim demography, therefore many people hope for a change in your policies!

Friendly greetings,
Sebastian Nobile

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(Photo above: Central Council of Jews President Dieter Graumann)

Guest article on PI / Translation: Anders Denken

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