Former head of government Milos Zeman (68) will be the new president in Prag. The campaign consisted of pernicious nationalism against Germans and the defense of the criminal Benesch Decree, also by reigning President Klaus. That is the EUSSR, the Europe of the phoney “mutual values”! But we ourselves are to blame. The annulment of the Benesch Decree before the acceptance of the Czech Republic in the EU was not make a prerequisite back then by Germany. It was said that everything would sort itself out. But nothing will sort itself out if we allow ourselves to be trampled over!

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  1. Hello freethink,
    I’m offering a slightly different version of the presidental elections that happened this weekend in my country. First, Mr.Zeman is extremely politically incorrect (see e.g. here. His opponent, Mr. Schwarzenberg is a typical Brusselite ass-licking, extremely politically correct crackpot. As such, he had full support of
    all major newspapers and all major TV networks. Their support was officialy declared, this was just unbelievable (and in the end it turned out to be counter-productive. Mr.Schwarzenberg is also minister of foreign affairs, serving in two consecutive governments and he is also personally responsible for forcing through the oficial recognition of Kosovo’s independence – even against the will of our current president. He is 76 and in my opinion he is just not fit for the job – for example, he wasn’t even able to cast correctly his ballot and his vote had to be declared not valid! Also, during the TV debate it turned out that he’s just no match for Mr.Zeman. All the people, especially from Prague (our capital), who invested a lot in pushing him through are now in state of shock, and now are looking for excuses and explanations. Herr Schmidt from Die Welt is of course living in Prague among them and I have no doubt that he shares common ideas with them.

    Second point: there is no thing like Benesch Decree. There are Benesch Decrees. Care to tell us which one exactly you would like to be annuled? For instance decree 5/1945 which confiscated the property of Nazi treuhänder and restituted it back to original (mostly Jewish) owners? Are you an anti-semite, then?

    I see that as a typical German you have no idea (and of course interest) of what happens eastward from Dresden. So please stay on-topic and don’t diverge in areas which you don’t understand.

    Gruss von Tschechien

    • peva » Petr, I think you will appreciate the article that was posted today (, which is a letter from one of your fellow countrymen. In actuality, I’m not German, I translate the German articles into English for the English readers. And, I also did a little research on the Benes (pardon, my keyboard doesn’t provide the ‘s’ with the hacek [or the ‘c’ as you can see] and I don’t know the Alt-codes for them either) decree, and I understand your position. My experience while in Prague, once upon a time, was very good, and I found the Czech people to be very kind, friendly and helpful while I was there. Keep reading, you will find that this site definitely provides a lot of reasonable information, and though we aren’t perfect, if it is reasonable and logical, we’ll eventually get it right.

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