While media, politicians and Islam representatives want to make us believe the fable of 99.99% peaceful Moslems in our society, we have had totally different experiences in our weekly rallies in Munich. Insightful Moslems who also want to sign against a mosque financed by terror and an imam under suspicion by Constitutional Defense are an absolute exception. Among the more than 22,000 signatures only around 40 Moslem signatures can be found. All others refuse, become aggressive in the debate and even find Al Qaeda, Taliban and Hamas good, since after all they are also Moslems.

(By Michael Stürzenberger)

In this video of the FREEDOM rally last Saturday in the Munich pedestrian zone, typically “moderate and at best integrated” Moslems can be seen shouting “Allahu Akbar” and who want the Sharia. It provides a deep insight into the thought processes of Moslems who live among us. Their events bring these totalitarian convictions to light. It is scary, the chasms that open up Saturday upon Saturday. We were once again called “Jews,” the terrorist Mohammed Atta was mentioned, there were cries of protest during the message that jihad would find its end in Europe, and they claimed that Islam shall reign here. Their wild roaring could be observed when they were informed that Hitler and the Nazis collaborated with Islam. During all of this, a Moslem pulled off his belt and threatening raised it high:

The sign in the photo below could have a similar meaning as that for the Grey Wolves. Turkish nationalism paired with Moslem thoughts of rulership is an unholy connection that will yet cause us massive problems.

There are only precious few historical persons who in the past ever expressed something positive about Islam. It is to be noted that almost all were Nazis. When on Saturday the original quotes were brought to hearing, the extreme leftists shouted at us in reflex: “Hold your mouth.” Moslems shouted immediately along with them. An unholy alliance: socialists plus Islam. Like back then.

Here is the video:

The longer the governing politicians downplay, gloss over and deny the danger of Islam, the worse the bang that will follow in the clash of civilizations.

(Camera: Calimero)

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