The Geert Wilders’ Dutch Partij voor de Vrijheid (Party for Freedom) has created a new website named “MoskNee” (Mosque No!) to make it easier for citizens to fight successfully against the building of new mosques.

On the main page, it says:

The Netherlands is not an islamic country and must never become one. However, the influence of Islam is constantly increasing.

With the dedication of the first mosque in 1955, Islam received concrete shape in our public arena. Under influx of a quickly growing Moslem population, in 2013 around 1 million Moslems, the number of mosques has increased very dramatically. Presently 450 mosques can be counted in the Netherlands. That is too much. What would be nice, a mosque-free Netherlands.

Enough is enough, the PVV says to that.

If it would be up to us, there wouldn’t be a new mosque and certainly not in populated or built-up areas.

Wherever the building of a new mosque is announced there are often protests. And rightly so. The people don’t wan an islamic temple near their front doors. Besides the general problems, nuisances, blockages of traffic, etc., that the building of a new mosque brings along, also the value and character of the whole area is assaulted.

Citizens having complaints cannot expect help from fearful, politically correct attorneys. Through bureaucratic difficulties and unclear procedures, one is often discouraged. That is regrettable.

The PVV wants to support citizens having complaints and show them a few manipulations to be able to mound a resistance against the building of new mosques. The website shows examples of complaint letters and informs how others negotiate their complaints.

The PVV will confront the cabinet in the Tweede Kammer (second chamber of the Dutch parliament) with the resistance against the advance of islamization and the building of new mosques.

Citizens can also communicate whether a new mosque has been planned in their vicinity.

Knowing the right way of how to lodge a timely complaint and knowing that you are not alone should encourage you in your resistance.


Under the column “Hoe stop ik een moskee” (“How do I stop a mosque”), it is explained in detail what can be done against the building of a new mosque:

If citizens would like to stop the building of a mosque, they must first get in contact with the regional parties and media. The town council ultimately decides whether a mosque will be approved. Therefore, it is important that citizens make their position clear as often and strongly as possible. With the submission of petitions, the citizen can make it clear how seriously he takes the matter. The more citizens that make their position clear, the greater the possibility among the parties. Also seeking out regional and rural media can increase the pressure for success.

If a municipality should plan the building of a mosque, often a change in the zoning is necessary. These inquiries are announced in the local/regional media or on the websites of the municipalities. If complaints or appeals are submitted too late, it is difficult for the citizen to submit opposition.

Column: Tour

Enshede, January 25, 2013

PVV head Geert Wilders and Joram van Klaveren, member of the Tweede Kammer, are opening a mosque tour on Friday, 1/25/2013. In collaboration with faction president Edgar Mulder of the Overijsel PVV affiliate, a petition from the Enschede N.O.N foundation will be received. The foundation has gathered around 200 signatures against a Turkish cultural center with a mosque.

Column: Verzet (Resistance)

Here, previous reports are listed about the resistance against the building of mosques.

An initiative that is long overdue and more than desirable in Germany.

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Posted on PI / Translation: Anders Denken

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