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Archiv für den February, 2013:

Jürgen Elsässer has spoken out against adoption rights for homosexuals (we reported) and posted this article on Facebook. He right away received the message: “We have deleted the contents posted by you. We have deleted the following contents that you posted or those for which you were administrator because they have violated the rights and […]

The English Defence League announced today (Feb. 21) that their leader Tommy Robinson (photo) has been released from detainment. In a statement by the EDL[2], it said:

The most dangerous Fitna (“test” or “temptation”) for leading astray from the faith comes from the infidels. As a fatwa teaches, even the wearing of a tie can be the cause of possible injurious conformity. In the fatwa is asked: “What is the judgment over the wearing of a tie?”. The answer from Sheikh Saad […]

On February 19th, 2013, not far from the UN headquarters and only one day before the famously rumored Human Rights Council, a Conference on Human Rights and Democracy took place in Geneva. UN Watch functions as the organizers under the leadership of Canadian Hillel Neuer and a consortium of international human rights organizations.

Agitation, threats of murder, insults, hate: That appears to be an important part of the thought process for many Moslems in this country and anyone who has expressed things critical of Islam have had such experiences. Given that which is thrown against the head and would otherwise go undetected in the street, and that which […]

As expected, and with the same interchangeable Islam rhetoric we know about, the Umma in Denmark has reacted to the attack on Islam critic Lars Hedegaard (PI reported) in order to persuade society that Islam means “peace.” Denmark’s islamic faith association (Islamisk Trossamfund) is distancing itself from the attempted killing. “We don’t know what the […]

As Belgian media report, ex-Vlaams Belang member Bart Debie (photo left with the former party chief Fililp Dewinter) was a years-long colleague in the Belgian internal security service (“Staatsveligheid”). Debie was, among other things, 2007 participant in the Counter Jihad Meeting in Brussels and in the same year took part in an anti-mosque demonstration by […]

Russian authorities have executed a large-scale operation against alleged terrorism supporters. In the offensive, in which the Russian internal security service FSB participated, several hundred suspects were arrested, however, many were released a short time later. Against 271 persons among whom it appears to be exclusively Moslems, the accusations appear, meanwhile, to have strengthened. Der […]

Every third French individual, according to a current survey, agrees with the values of the right-wing “Front National.” Especially high is the reception among the subject fields of immigration and Islam. The ultranationalists were able only to score fewer points with their call for the death penalty and the Franc.

Turkey is currently known to be refusing extradition of Jonny K’s murderer, Onur Ukal, to Germany because he is a Turk. The whole thing proceeds quite differently, as an article in “Die Welt” from 2003 shows. Back then, Turkish criminals from Germany were deported to their homeland. Turkey then denaturalized their citizens shortly before the […]

BONN. Brutal Attack on the N2 night busline: In the night leading up to Saturday, a bus rider (29) was brutally beaten. Now, Sibylle N., who also was on the packed Bonn City Works (SWB> bus is raising serious accusations against the driver. Oven though riders repeatedly addressed him regarding the bleeding victim, he continued […]

Spurred on by his triumph of having conquered the “Second Rome” – Constantinople – this drove the ambitious Ottoman Ruler Mehmed II to subject the “First Rome” also to the sword of the prophet. On the way to the West, the Turkish flotilla appeared in the southern Adriatic in 1480. The city of Otranto was […]

Madrid just escaped a nail bomb attack on the famous Almudena Cathedral by a hair’s breadth. The cathedral, which took centuries to build and could only be dedicated for the first time in 1993 by Pope John Paul II, is one of the tourist attractions of the Spanish capital, with corresponding public traffic.

Most honored ladies and gentlemen, dear friends, dear Geert! We have known each other since your first visit in Berlin three years ago, and back then I had the great honor as moderator for the event to announce you to the audience. This time the Pax Europa Citizens Movement asked me as the previous recipient […]

Most honored ladies and gentlemen, dear Geert, dear friends, our meeting today once again leaves an unmistakeable sign: We will continue, we will meet with whomever we wish and we will not let ourselves be told what opinion is the “morally correct” one. It is simply fantastic [to see] how many have made their way […]

The death knell is being sounded right away for the head of the Vatican congregation of faith, Gerhard Ludwig Müller (photo) because he believes to have recognized an alleged “attitude of pogrom” against the church, though not totally unobjectively. At the forefront are once again our Green sheriffs of language, most of all the unspeakable […]

Apparently, the strict secrecy by the area of the February 2nd event with Dutch politician Geert Wilders was very successful: the currently normal and also violent besieging of freedom/conservative events here in Absurdistan by leftist interrupters and hyperventilating self-righteous didn’t take place this time.

Vatican City – The Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, for centuries the home of the Greek Orthodox patriarchate of Constantinople, could soon be converted into a mosque. The Turkish parliament is looking at whether the building, which became a mosque in 1543 and has been a museum since 1935, should be used again as an islamic […]

The founder of the Danish Freedom of the Press Society, Dispatch International, Lars Hedegaaard, was victim of an assassination attempt a short while ago. A man tried to shoot Hedegaard at 11:21 a.m. in Copenhagen, Ekstra Bladet reported. The shots came outside Hedegaard’s home in Copenhagen. Information from the police say that the perpetrator intended […]

Warning: This article contains graphic images that may be disturbing to some readers. MYJIHAD PUTTING A HAPPY FACE ON EVIL FROM ISLAM TO NAZISM TO COMMUNISM FROM JOSEPH GOEBBELS TO AHMED REHAB MYJIHAD OF HAPPY FACES MASKING EVIL In response to the campaign of Pamela Geller ( and Robert Spencer ( exposing the evil Quranic verses […]

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