Yesterday, Geert Wilders held a speech in Bonn. The publication of his book in the German language “Marked for Death” was supposed to coincide with his visit. However, the publisher and his attorneys decided that the book could not contain certain phrases in German and still be legal for publication here, so the publication of the book has been cancelled.

Here is the text of his speech. (Original on

Dear friends,

Let me begin with a few words of thanks.

Thank you, Conny Meier and the Pax Europa Citizens Movement, for giving me the opportunity to speak to all of you here and today.

Thank you, Stefan Herre, for conferring on me the Hiltrud Schröter Freedom Prize, which was named for a great German woman who fought to liberate Muslim women from Islamic oppression.

Thank you also, Stefan, for the important work that you and your team accomplish with the PI website.

Thank you, Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff and all the other warriors for freedom of speech, for telling the truth even if you are legally prosecuted for doing so.

It takes much courage to publish the truth. We live in a time in which the expression and spreading of the truth has become not just difficult but often also very dangerous.

Last year, I published my book “Marked for Death” in the United States of America. In it I wrote about Islam and what I think about it. A German publisher showed interest in a German edition and had the book translated.

In the view of his attorneys with whom he consulted, the content of the book could result in legal consequences for him in Germany. They recommended that the German text be changed accordingly. I say to them: no compromise with the truth. I insisted on a translation faithful to the truth, but according to his attorneys that was not possible.

Thus, opinions and view about Islam can indeed be published in the US and in the Netherlands without legal punishment – however, not so in Germany in the view of the publisher and his attorneys.

For example, when I criticize “Islam” in the English edition, in the German edition, rather than saying “Islam,” islamism, orthodox Islam, Sharian Islam, etc. should be said. When i put in my book that no more mosques should be built, I could only say in that [German] book “accompany the building of new mosques with great scepticism.” I hope you understand that this compromising text is unacceptable to me.

The German translation made a completely different book out of it. I am convinced that there is only Islam, and that the so-called “radical Islam” is nothing other than actual, authentic Islam as it corresponds with the teachings of Mohammed and the Koran.

I reject the fact that my views about this have been censored. I would have had my principles betrayed and everything for which I stand, if I had allowed my book to be put on the market with wording that didn’t correspond not just with the truth but also my views.

I regret greatly that it is no longer possible to publish my opinion without censorship in Germany. This strengthens me in my estimation that freedom of speech is in a poor position in Europe.

I hope there is a new German publisher who can speak the truth.

What we desperately need is something like the “First Amendment” of the United States [Constitution], which comprehensively protects free speech.

Dear friends.

The last time I held a speech in Germany, it was in Berlin with my friend Rene Stadtkewitz. Many Germans live in large cities like Berlin, Hamburg, Munich or Cologne. But most Germans live in smaller cities like Bonn. Here is where the heartbeat of true Germany can be felt. This heartbeat shows that Germany is in a bad condition.

All of Germany suffers from the same problem. It is the phenomenon of islamization.

It can be felt in places like Berlin; it can be felt in places like Bonn.

Islam is changing the face of Europe.

Last year, two Berlin citizens, police officer Karlheinz Gaertner and Fadi Saad, a former member of an islamic street gang, wrote the book “Battlezone Street.” They described a culture of violence in which young migrants preyed upon indigent German national citizens.

The indigen Germans were beaten, robbed, stabbed. Certain parts of Berlin have developed into very dangerous for non-Muslims.

The culture of violence has established itself not only in our large cities, but also in cities like Bonn. Last May Salafist thugs started a street battle with the police in Bonn.

Back five years ago, in 2008, the newspaper, Die Welt, reported: “In several German cities, the police hardly dare any more to enter certain districts because they are attacked right away.” – End quote.

In August 2011, Chief Police Commissioner Bernard Witthaut admitted to the Westdeutsche Allgemeine newspaper that no-go areas that evade police monitoring are spreading all over Germany.

We can observe this phenomenon not just in Germany but everywhere in Europe, from Berlin to London to Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris and Rome.

“In each one of our cities,” the renowned Italian author Oriana wrote shortly before her death in 2006, “there is a second city, a state within a state, a government inside the government. A Muslim city, a city ruled by the Koran.” – End quote

Let’s look through the eye at the bitter truth: In societies ruled by the Koran there is no more freedom. The people aren’t at all allowed to debate about this problem. Freedom of speech is the first freedom a society loses when the tyranny of Islam sets in.

That which we considered to be a birthright for members of a free world is no longer self-evident. The freedom of speech is no longer guaranteed.

British author Salman Rushdie was forced underground after the publishing of his book “The Satanic Verses.” The Japanese translator of his book was murdered. The Danish caricaturist Kurt Westergaard and his Swedish colleague Lars Vilks was forced to hide after his drawing of caricatures of Mohammed.

I also pay a high price for my views about Islam. Islamic death threats forced me into hiding. For nine years now, I have been living under police protection 24 hours a day. I had to leave my home. I even had to live in barracks and jail cells because they were the most secure places that police could protect me from attacks.

In a free society, every politician, every author, every artist, every citizen should be in the place where he can speak his opinion without having to fear for his life.

Unfortunately, we don’t live in totally free societies anymore. The truth also is that the more islamic our countries become, the less free they become.

In June last year, after a Bonn Salafist published a video message where the murder of a certain politician and journalist were called for, the police searched through Salafist establishments all over Germany and prohibited one of their organizations. The threat, though, has not decreased since then.

In December last year, Bonn only narrowly escaped a catastrophe. The police found a bag filled with explosives in the Bonn main train station. Fortunately, the authorities were able to prevent an explosion that could have had an outcome as devastating as the Madrid bomb attack in 2004 and the terrorist attack on the London subway in 2005.

According to statements by the Bild newspaper, the security services estimate the number of Salafists to be nearly one thousand in Northrhine-Westphalia alone. And Bonn, the beautiful city of Beethoven, the former capital of West Germany, is called “the capital of the Salafists” by some.

Salafism is an islamic movement whose members try as much as possible to live exactly like Mohammed, the founder of Islam, did. Islam calls all believers to imitate the lifestyle of Mohammad as much as possible. The life and actions of Mohammed are sufficiently known. Ali Sina, an ex-Muslim from Iran, calls Mohammed among other things a liar, a paedophile, a torturer, terrorist and mass-murderer.

All of these descriptions can be proved through historical islamic sources, like the Sira, for example, the biography of Mohammed from the 8th century, and the ahadith, the record of Mohammeds sayings and actions as they were handed down from his contemporaries.

So, Mohammed came with a book – the Koran – which he claimed was written from Allah himself – a book that Muslims grant more rights than the kuffar, the non-Muslims who really have no rights at all and therefore must be exterminated.

Mohammed set up a city based on the islamic law of the Sharia. Starting at Medina, the first city where Mohammed applied the Sharia laws, he conquered Arabia through terror, violence and deception. He commanded his followers to carry on with his work until the whole world was under islamic lordship. “I was instructed to fight all people until they say: ‘There is no God but Allah.’,” Mohammed said in his last address.

He did this in accordance with the koranic command in Sura 8:39: “Fight against them until there is no more godless activity and until all believe in Allah.”

It is necessary to recognize that many people have erroneous ideas about Islam. Islam is not a religion; Islam is foremost an intolerant, totalitarian ideology like Communism and Fascism. Islam is an ideology because it is more politically shaped than religiously and strives toward an islamic state. Islam is totalitarian because it is not based on free will. It orders that all people who leave Islam be killed.

Because Islam has global ambitions, we all are in the same boat. Bonn has the same problem as Cologne or Berlin. German has the same problem as France, Great Britain, Italy and the Netherlands. Europe has the same problem as the United States, Canada and Australia, which I will still visit this month. Freedom everywhere is under threat, and people everywhere are afraid.

I am traveling throughout the world to champion the cause of those who have been intimidated and silenced. I am here to proclaim the truth about Islam.

The truth that because Mohammed abused women, some followers of Islam think they are entitled to treat women the same way.

The truth that because Mohammed lied and deceived to promote the spread of Islam, some followers feel entitled to do the same. Islam even has a word for this kind of lie. It is taqiyya.

The truth that because Mohammed robbed non-Muslims, some of his followers feel they possess the right to do the same thing. This is called jihad.

The truth that because Mohammed spread Islam through terror, some of his followers do the same thing. That is also called Jihad.

The truth that because Mohammed founded an islamic state, some of his followers see it as their duty to do the same.

The truth that because Mohammed murdered his critics and the critics of his islamic state, some of his followers threaten anyone that speaks critically about Mohammed and Islam with death.

It is no coincidence that islamic countries worldwide demand that criticism of Islam and its prophet should be prohibited. But it is our duty, though, to speak the truth. Like Mark Steyn writes in the foreword to my book: “Something is badly wrong in our society, we have the responsibility to address it honestly, before it gets worse.”

Free speech is the most important political civil right. Without freedom of speech, all other freedoms become meaningless.

Freedom of speech forces governments to justify their policy. It is in the public interest that governments correct their mistakes. The allowance of islamic mass immigration in Europe was one of the greatest mistakes in recent decades.

Dear friends, take a look for yourselves at what Islam has brought you. I will give you a few examples – every one of them from Germany and from last year:

In March, an islamic mob rioted in Berlin.

In May, Salafists rioted in Bonn.

In May, a 22-year-old Turk raised in Germany was condemned for honor killing for murdering his 18-year-old sister who was born in Germany.

Also in May, an immigrant from Pakistan who had lived 27 years in Germany was condemned for the honor killing of his 20-year-old German-born daughter and her boyfriend.

In July, four Al Qaeda members, three of whom were born in Germany, were brought to court for planning a terror attack.

In August, a survey revealed that Islam is increasingly more important for the younger generation of Turks in Germany, and that almost half of the Turks in this country hope that in the future there will be more Muslims than Christians in Germany.

In December, there was the failed attempt at a bomb attack in Bonn.

These incidents are so serious that we must be allowed to debate them in all frankness and without taboo. And most of all because we are not just any marginal group, but speak in the name of the great majority of decent and law-abiding citizens. Don’t ever forget that.

In November, a survey done by the Alensbach Institute for Demoscopy under the auspices of the Frankfurter Allgemeine newspaper revealed that 64% of Germans believe that Islam is prone to violence. These people aren’t wrong. They are right!

56% believe that Islam is endeavoring to achieve political influence in Germany. These people aren’t wrong. They are right! More than 80% of Germans believe that Islam robs women of their rights and 70% indicate that Islam is fanatical.

There is a broadening gap between normal Germans who are concerned about the consequences of mass-immigration and the intellectual, cultural and medial elite who claim these people are intolerant. The Germans are not intolerant. Islam is intolerant!

Dear friends, I always distinguish between the Muslims and Islam. I always make a clear distinction between the people and the ideology. There are moderate Muslims, but the political ideology of Islam is not moderate. It intends to force islamic law, the Sharia, on the whole world. This is to be achieved through Jihad.

The good news is that millions of Moslems in the world – and many in Germany and the Netherlands among them – do not follow the demands of the Sharia, not to mention join in the Jihad.

The bad news, however, is that those who do are willing to engage all means available for the achievement of their ideological, revolutionary goal.

Most Muslims are moderate, but the ideology of Islam is dangerous. The moderates are the prisoners of the barbaric system of islamofascism.

The growing islamization is causing great problems, irrespective of the number of many moderate Muslims. Europa’s Islam lobby is becoming increasingly assertive.

It has successfully managed to force European politicians into the implementation of pro-islamic policy as well as the limiting of free speech. All of this under the pretext that the expression of truthful statements about Islam is a form of hate speech and, therefore, a crime.

And for this, I bring you yet a few more examples from last year in Germany.

In January, German authorities confirmed that they were monitoring German-speaking websites that deal critically with the islamic immigration and islamization of Germany.

In February, Jochen Hartloff, the Social Democratic minister of justice in Rhineland-Pfalz, told the Süddeutsche newspaper that he advocated the institution of the islamic Sharia in family law questions in Germany because – I quote – “This can have a calming effect.”

In June, Defense Minister Thomas de Maizière in the Turkish capital of Ankara stated that he wanted more immigrants in the German army because the Bundeswehr, in is opinion should be – I quote – “representative of the cross-section of the population.”

In November, the city of Hamburg finalized a “government ageement” with islamic communities that would guarantee them rights and privileges while the city obligates itself to promote islamic religious instruction in public schools. In the same month, the government of Bremen followed the example of Hamburg.

Instead of forcing the assimilation of immigrants in our countries, our governments are promoting the creation of an islamic parallel society – a Trojan horse within our borders.

Since there is no such thing as a moderate Islam, the islamization of our society is a dangerous threat. This islamization is being advanced mainly through immigration from islamic countries. Mohammed himself conquered Medina with the help of immigration. Or hijra as it is called in Islam. For this reason, we must put a stop to immigration from islamic countries.

We need to look the bitter and uncomfortable truth in the face. The bitter truth that Islam today is the greatest threat for freedom. And the uncomfortable truth that Islam is already present all around us.

All over Europe, mosques are spreading, islamic centers and halal shops. In every larger western European city, you can encounter women with head coverings and burkas. Open the pages of our newspapers, and you will read shocking stories of abused women, of female genital mutilation and of honor killings in our own back yards. We cannot allow all of this anymore! Enough is enough!

Don’t let anyone tell you that Islam respects freedom. Freedom and Islam are irreconcilable. Don’t let anyone tell you that Islam is a religion of peace. Islam is an ideology of violence.

Don’t let anyone tell you that we must tolerate intolerance.

We must recognize colors. We must draw a red line. We must demand the following: First, no more mosques! Second, No more islamic schools! Third, all criminal immigrants with double citizenship must be deported!

We must stop giving in to every islamic demand.

Winston Churchill said once upon a time when he was confronted with the Nazi tyranny: “Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never—in nothing, great or small, large or petty—never give in, except to convictions of honour and good sense.”

Instead of following Churchill’s example, western politicians are letting themselves be intimidated by islamic sensitivities.

A Germany full of mosques and veiled women is no longer the Germany of Goethe, Schiller and Heine, Bach and Beethoven.

And even if not all Allah and Mohammed believers will turn violent, the truth is that some of them will. And they will do so because Islam incites them to do so. Islam revels in islamic supremacy. We must not close our eyes to this reality out of political correctness. If we do that, we do so at our own risk.

Wherever Islam has gotten a foothold, it has brought enormous human suffering with it. For its own followers and their families – especially for the women – and for non-Muslims.

In December last year, a line judge in my homeland, the Netherlands, was beaten to death after a football game by a group of young players. The media and the political establishment immediately emphasized that we have a so-called “football problem” in the Netherlands. The young men, though, who beat the Dutch line judge to death were not indigent Dutchmen, but rather Moroccans.

Almost every week there are incidents with Moroccan boys. In the Netherlands, 65 percent of all Moroccan boys between 12 and 23 years old have already been arrested by the police at least one time. This is the reason why I attach importance to the fact that we don’t have a “football problem,” but rather a “Moroccan problem.”

The list of violent incidents in which Morrocans have participated, whether in our streets, our schools, our shopping centers or at our sports arenas, has no end.

Moroccans are the largest islamic group in my country. But the victims are almost never Moroccans or Muslims.

Two years ago, the German family minister Kristina Schröder promoted – I quote – “a public debate over racist Muslims.” She spoke very wise words about freedom of speech and stated – I quote – “Such a culture of dialogue must ultimately move into the debate about integration, then we can make a great step together…” End quote. Therefore we need to discuss that.

Minister Schröder is right. Guaranteeing freedom of speech is a moral duty of politicians. If we want to put an end to the increase of violence in our streets, then we must be allowed to report the truth about Islam. If we want to stop the islamization of our countries, we must put an end to cultural relativism.

The cultural relativists are the greatest friends, the henchmen of Islam. They parrot the islamic taqiyya. They call us xenophobic and accuse us of hate speech. They haul us into court because we are practicing our freedom of speech.

People like myself, Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff in Austria, Lars Hedegaard in Denmark, Mark Steyn in Canada and countless others have expended much time, energy and money for trials, just because they tell the truth. I was fortunate to be acquitted, but a few of the others, unfortunately not.

Cultural relativism demands that all cultures be morally coequal and valuable. If all cultures were equal, then it would follow that the state cannot favor any specific cultural values.

Cultural relativists conclude from this that the state cannot stipulate any dominant culture that the immigrants must accept if they wish to live in our midst. In western countries, this predominant culture is based principally on Judeo-Christian and humanist values.

The dogma that all lifestyles, opinions and convictions are of like value implies the destruction of Western culture. It means the return to barbarism. Everywhere in the West, we are now confronted with islamic men who treat their own daughters, sisters and wives as inferior beings while western politicians close their eyes. Everywhere, we are also confronted with islamic racism while the elite reject public debate about this.

Dear friends,

There is no place here for the Sharia because the hypothesis of cultural relativism is wrong. Cultures are not equal. Our culture is far better than Islam. We should be proud of our culture and of our western identity.

We should be proud of our culture and countries. Uniformitarianism is a characteristic of Islam, but not one of Europe.

Islam is tried to conquer Europe, but so for it hasn’t been successful. That is also, in essence, the reason why we Europeans were able to develop our distinct identities as nations. If we wish to keep this, we must stand together against the forces that seek to destroy our identities.

Der friends, I am always glad to have the opportunity to speak in Germany. Every time I am here I ask you: Stop being ashamed of your nation. Be proud of Germany. Be proud to be German patriots. You must stand for Germany as I stand for the Netherlands.

We must stand for the survival of our nations.

Patriotism is often branded as Fascism. But patriotism is not fascism.

To the contrary. Any democrat and defender of freedom must therefore, by definition, be a patriot. A soul needs a body. The spirit of political freedom cannot thrive outside the body of the national state. Therefore, we must preserve and cultivate the nation state. This way, we can pass on to our children the freedom and democracy we enjoy.

Don’t let the German identity be swept away by Islam.

Don’t let the German identity be swept away by the EU.

The European process of unification serves the goals of Islam because it buries our national identities and robs us of the most important instruments for stopping islamization: our national sovereignty.

The European Union is solving no problems, the European Union is the problem. The EU is the greatest attempt since the collapse of Communism at robbing the people of their sovereignty, their democracy, their identity and their dignity. The Eurocrats don’t want to hear this message, but it is the truth.

Without the nation state, there can be no complete national political freedom. Therefore, we need to be good patriots.

Most honored Ladies and Gentlemen, dear friends, it is time to act. Just as the great American patriot, Ronald Reagan, the man who liberated Germany and Europe from Communism, once said: “We must act today in order to preserve tomorrow.”

I am not a defeatist. I am an optimist. Here is a short summary of the things we must do about this.

First and foremost, we must defend freedom of speech. As I already said, it is the most important of our freedoms. Today, it appears that the hollowing out of our freedom of speech is the price we will have to pay to keep Islam happy. This is not acceptable. Something is going wrong when those who deny that Islam is a problem deprive us of the right of debating about it.

Europe desperately needs an equivalent to the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America, which guarantees freedom of speech. We must never be silenced. If we allow Islam to intimidate us, we also all it to rob us of our dignity and freedom. This must not happen.

Second, we must put an end to cultural relativism. In my own country, I have recommended that a clause be included in our Constitution in which the reigning culture in the Netherlands rests on Judeo-Christian and humanist principles.

Third, we must stop islamization. More Islam means less freedom. There is already enough Islam in Europe. Immigrants should assimilate and take on our values.

Fourth, we must restore the precedence and sovereignty of the nation state. As Germans you need to know how to appreciate the culture and identity of the German nation. You need to demand that the immigrants in Germany take on your values, and not the other way. You must demand that you be governed from Berlin and not from Brussels.

Last, I admonish you: Quit being ashamed of Germany. It is as unfair to reduce German patriotism to National Socialism, as it is unfair to reduce Russia to Stalinism. Be proud of your country. Only when the Germans are proud of Germany will they be in the position of standing up for Germany and defending Germany. And you must stand up for Germany just like the Party for Freedom in the Netherlands stands up for the Netherlands. We must all stand up for the survival of our nation states because our nation states embody the democratic freedoms we enjoy.

Like other nations, Germans also have the right to remain as they are. Germans should not have to become French, north Dutch, nor Americans, nor Turks. They should remain Germans.

Finally, it is our duty to help Israel, the nation state of the Jewish people. Israel is the front line of Jihad. Israel is a beacon of light surrounded by complete darkness. Israel is fighting our war. By helping Israel to survive, we are helping ourselves.

Friends, we must stand together, shoulder-to-shoulder with Israel and with the other western countries. We must depend on one another and help each other mutually in the battle against a mutual enemy. If we wish to preserve our people and pass our Judeo-Christian heritage on to our children, then we must stand together. Otherwise, we will soon be swept away by Brussels and Islam.

Dear friends, simply fulfill your duty. Have no fear. Speak the truth. Defend freedom. Together we can preserve freedom, we should preserve freedom, and, my friends, we will preserve freedom!

Thank you very much!

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