Apparently, the strict secrecy by the area of the February 2nd event with Dutch politician Geert Wilders was very successful: the currently normal and also violent besieging of freedom/conservative events here in Absurdistan by leftist interrupters and hyperventilating self-righteous didn’t take place this time.

(An illustrated PI-review from Bonn by Mr. Merkava)

At the arrival in the conference center, there was only a minimal open police presence and a solid asylum factory promotion poster on the edge of the street was already toppled in the strong storm. A nice symbol for the welcome.

After very strict security checks, including a bomb-sniffing dog, entry is free for around 300 visitors that would later feel complete with registered participants from all over Germany.

However, there weren’t just voluntary participants at the meeting: for many years, politician Wilders has had to live with bodyguards because of death threats by Moslem immigrants. The form in a black burka with the message “The Greens” attached and running through the multitude of participants, however, impressively underscored with how much absurdity the alleged progressive block of mainstream politics here, having been dumbed down from the competent side, practices rejection of reality in the corset of “love of foreigners.”

The organizers of the event could, in fact, show happy faces before the start of the official part: a full conference room, good mood, and much that was known and interesting made sure that the time between admission and the start of the program passed as if it were nothing.

The marching in of the gladiators turned especially into a spontaneous ovation for Geert Wilders, who in the audience is seen as THE great bearer of hope for Europe, as well as to Stefan Herre, whose founding of the PI weblog in its time has won outstanding significance for the freedom of information and speech in present-day EUSSR-Europe.

The meeting was moderated by the well-known islamically critical journalist and Bavaria BPE regional president, Michael Stürzenberger, who through his energetic but always friendly way can win over nearly any audience. Willi Schwend, president of Pax Europa spoke introductory words and also greeted Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, the renowned, indefatigable warrior for free speech and against a fascist Islam and in many ways similar to the Nazi ideology. The Austrian held a well regarded lecture about her own dramatic case by the judiciary in Austria that suppressed freedom of speech and opinion.

The awarding of this year’s Hiltrud-Schröter Prize of Freedom to courageous Dutch politician Geert Wilders followed. The prize recipient of 2011, Stefan Herre, used the occasion of his honorary speech to deal with the condition of freedom of speech and information in present day EUSSR-Europe.

The excitedly awaited speech of prize recipient Geert Wilders was the zenith of the entertaining afternoon and surpassed the expectations of his audience: amid repeated interruption by spontaneous applause, he took a clear stand against the islamization of Europe, against the influx of more Moslem immigrants, and for a national state as the sole “body” in which the “soul” can materialize as democracy and freedom of speech. With minutes-long, standing ovations, he was celebrated as the great political bearer of hope for Europe.

Wilders also took a clear stand in his speech for Israel as the brave beacon of democracy, freedom and human rights in an environment full of darkness, and stood out strongly yet again for the value of our Judeo-Christian heritage. Well known Christian activist Heidi M., who has attracted attention for her courageous, believable, open engagement for Christian values, spontaneously blessed Geert Wilders on the stage at the end.

The defenders of freedom, democracy, human rights and Judeo-Christian values who came from all over Germany could only say at the end: Thank you to the event planners for an important and overall successful event.

And the reporting from the systematic media (MSM)? In the first 20 result pages of a about this important political rally event in Bonn: Zero.

» Blu-News: Meinungsfreiheit in Gefahr

Posted by PI / Translation: Anders Denken

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