Most honored ladies and gentlemen, dear Geert, dear friends, our meeting today once again leaves an unmistakeable sign: We will continue, we will meet with whomever we wish and we will not let ourselves be told what opinion is the “morally correct” one. It is simply fantastic [to see] how many have made their way here to meet our friend Geert Wilders despite the agitation by the press and the threats of the so-called “anti-fascists.”

However – as is so often, there is a bitter aftertaste: We just found out a few days ago, Geert’s book “Marked for Death – (German) Zum Abschuss freigegeben” will, unfortunately, not appear in German. The freedom of the press guaranteed by the Constitution in Germany and freedom of speech must once again bow to the so-called “blasphemy and sedition paragraphs.”

An absurdity in the 21st century!

Only recently did the organization “Reporters Without Borders” publish their annual report on freedom of the press. In this report, Germany ends up in a woeful 17th place!

And instead of ultimately regarding freedom as the highest virtue a government of law can serve, on the 80th anniversary of the seizing of power by the National Socialists, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is meeting with, of all people, Egyptian president and Muslim Brotherhood member Mohammed Mursi.

May the voting citizens reward her accordingly in September!

Geert and I are bound together by the fact that both of us have stood in court for stating the truth, for our statements about the so-called prophet Mohammed and Islam.

What separates Geert and me, though, is the fact that Geert has been acquitted while I have been convicted. It’s little wonder that my homeland Austria has fallen a whole seven places in the “Reporters Without Borders” free press rankings and now holds only 12th place!

Dear Geert, I will of course let them get me down just as little as they did you. I will continue to say that 2 plus 2 equal 4 – and plainly not 5 like the opponents of freedom want to make us believe. Geert, you were my greatest example during my trial: calm, professional, obligated to the truth. For this I will always be thankful to you!

And while you are fighting on the political level for freedom and truth, my work on the international level has intensified: Together with an alliance of NGOs that is growing every year, I am engaging myself as representative for the human rights organization BPE for our freedoms that were won over generations.

Our most important field of work is the “Organization for Security and Collaboration in Europe – the OSCE.” In the Cold War it served as the diplomatic communication between East and West. Today it is supposed to monitor above all the institutional implementation of human rights in the participating countries.

However, for some years, we have observed the direct opposite: The “Organization for Islamic Cooperation – OIC” is sending their lobbyists to the OSCE meetings. Under the disguise of “religious freedom,” they are demanding the abolition of all other freedoms: the freedom of the press, the freedom of speech, the freedom of science and research.

And all of that, simply because they might feel insulted?

What the subjugation lobbyists haven’t counted on: They are encountering a powerful headwind. At the OSCE Human Rights Conference in October last year, we exposed islamic propaganda several times, showed their representatives for who they were and unmasked their real intention!

And our work shows results:

• Our positional statements were documented and discussed in detail in the reports of the OSCE.

• The representatives of European countries are agreeing more and more – and even publicly – with us. Like the fact that battle terms such as “islamophobia” must, for a start, be defined before they can be used.

• Here in Germany, the politically motivated criminal trial for sedition against Prof. Armin Geus had to be discontinued. This, after I, in the name of the BPE, addressed this case with the OSCE.

• Likewise, here in Germany as well as in Great Britain, we are defending every centimeter of free assembly – a Michael Stürzenberger must be just as allowed to speak his opinion as EDL head Tommy Robinson!

The middle of this month, I will once again participate with a few friends in a top-class human rights conference in Geneva. And again, I will engage myself in making it finally clear how much the “Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam” has in common with universal human rights and the UN Human Rights Charter: NOTHING, dear friends, absolutely, totally nothing!

I thank BPE and all its members for the generous support. Geert, I wish for you – and I can very well speak in the name of everyone assembled here – that you remain spared of trial proceedings in the future. All of us can certainly use our valuable time better!

For me, dear friends, there is no compromise and no more hiding! I will always stay committed to the truth!

And – to say it with Ayaan Hirsi Ali who is highly regarded by all of us:

Let us stand even more together and share the risk. The next time a book, a caricature or a film provokes a fatwa, we must send one single message to the islamic enemies of freedom worldwide: Killing one of us will not be enough. Take out better credit at the Bank of Jihad because you will have to kill us all!

Thank you very much!

Videos of the speech:

(Posted by PI / Translation: Anders Denken / Videocredit: Henrik Clausen)

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