Most honored ladies and gentlemen, dear friends, dear Geert! We have known each other since your first visit in Berlin three years ago, and back then I had the great honor as moderator for the event to announce you to the audience. This time the Pax Europa Citizens Movement asked me as the previous recipient of the Hiltrud-Schröter Prize to hold the honorary speech for you, and I would like to take the opportunity in this celebratory event also to draw on some basic political observations. Now with video!

(By Stefan Herre, PI Founder)

What is it that really unifies us in our political involvement? What are our great political commonalities that span beyond all national borders? For what exactly are we fighting? And against what are we fighting?

The established parties and the mass media, as we know, accuse us of fighting against Islam. But that isn’t totally correct. We aren’t fighting primarily against Islam. Islam, basically, doesn’t matter at all to us. For 1400 years, Europa has lived in geographical proximity to this religious ideology without causing us any special worry until now. For 1400 years, islamic influence on the intellectual culture of Europe has been next to nothing – fortunately! The islamic ideology wouldn’t be of such great worry to us today, were we not forced to deal with it because it has been settled in the heart of our cities, in the heart of our countries. And even under these conditions, Islam could still not matter at all to us if it were really a religion that was mainly occupied with the care of their believers’ souls. You know, each should be happy in his own fashion. But Islam, however, is not just simply a religion, but it goes a step further: It isn’t occupied just with the health of its believers’ souls because it wants to force upon them comprehensively binding social norms, and it wants to enmesh itself in national law. Therefore, it wants not just to rule spiritually but also politically. And it is expressly prepared to institute its political rulership with violence. For this very reason, Islam is not a non-issue for us: Because today we are being politically challenged through Islam in our cities, in our countries. And because we have the right to answer a political challenge. We have this right more than all because we, as so-called “infidels”, must hold out as targets of the islamic lust for violence and, therefore, are under direct obligation to turn away this threat of violence aimed at us!

In our political involvement, it isn’t for us just a matter of the debate with a violence-hungry religious ideology that physically threatens us. It is a far greater issue for us. The issues for us are

– truth instead of lies
– justice instead of injustice

And especially

– freedom instead of oppression

Truth Instead of Lies

Because the whole foundation of the national policy for immigration, the foundation of these so-called multinational, partly multinationalistic, conditions in our countries by this downplaying “multicultural society” is a great lie. In the beginning, as we all can still very well remember, there was the lie of the “guest workers.” And the lie of “asylum.” More than 40 years long, the Germans and Dutch have been made to believe that the circle of people who settled from the Near East and North Africa were “guest workers.” Guest workers that would return to their homelands after their guest labor was up. And we were told these people were here because they were politically persecuted in their homelands, and that after the persecution ends they would be sent back to their homelands. Today we know: Perhaps a certain few of those politically responsible back then actually believed this tale. Perhaps not every one of them had lied. But we also know: Back then, neither in Germany nor in Holland was there a real policy for guest laborers with clear binding rules for their return to their homelands. There also was never any asylum policy that would consistently return the so-called refugees to their homelands after the persecution was over. Therefore, among those politically responsible there was never an evidential, provable desire to keep their word to the Germans and Dutch. However, there definitely was the desire to create perfected facts, to gloss over bitter truths, and to come to true light with the Germans only one step at a time. It is this very dishonest foundation of today’s real, existing multiculturalism in Germany and Holland that we are fighting against! The Germans and the Dutch should ultimately be asked whether they really want multiculti along with Islam, mosques and islamic lust for violence in their countries! The truth ultimately needs to be told: Yes, we the politically accountable have dragged the Germans and the Dutch around by the nose for years, but in the future we want to deal honestly with each other. We want to ask the Germans and the Dutch honestly in the future: “Do you really want to have all of that?” And if you don’t want it, then we as politically accountable in the German and Dutch democracies, governments of the people, will bow to the will of the people! But: this step away from the lies, away from the dishonest tactics, and to the truth is one that those politically responsible will never do without pressure. Without political pressure, they will continue to lie, and lie, and lie even more. Without pressure from below, they will downplay, embellish and gloss over so that by means of doing so, they’ll gain time and be able to fabricate even more sublime facts. Building this very needful political pressure – Quit with the lies! – This is our mutual objective!

Justice Instead of Injustice

Those who go through German and Dutch metropolises today involuntarily ask the question: Can that be right? Can it be right that Dutch in their own cities today are becoming minorities? Can it be right that the Germans in their own cities today are being mobbed in broad daylight because they are Germans, that they have been driven out of whole townships because they are German? Because they no longer dare to enter certain quarters in their own cities because they have blond hair? The answer is completely clear: No, that can’t be right; that is an injustice. In fact: It is an injustice to make Germans and Dutch minorities in their own countries through a radical, immeasurably overdrawn ethnic policy of settlement. And it plays no role at all whether this radical ethnic policy of settlement is justified through whatever parliamentary laws are used to hang the cloak of legality around this settlement policy.

We know all too well from German history that not every law is legitimate only because it has been passed by a majority: The Act of Enablement of 1933, with which the freely elected Weimar parliament laid the foundation stone for the Hitler dictatorship, is the most well-know example for a parliamentary law that appeared to be truly formally legitimate, but by reason of its radicalness and fatal consequences it was unjust in its essential content. Precisely such laws will again be passed today: Laws that are unjust because of their radicalness, their immeasurable reach and their overwhelming consequences in their essential content for the Germans and Dutch. And therefore our mutual objective says: We want that laws will again be enacted in Germany and Holland that will be considered just in the future judgment of history as well. We don’t want to be asked the contemptible question one day by our grandchildren: “Why didn’t you do anything then; why were you silent when it was time to raise your voice?” And therefore, we say: The end with the injustice of this radical, immeasurably overreaching settlement policy in Germany and Holland! Enough with the islamic colonization of Europe!

Freedom Instead of Oppression

Freedom means being able to express one’s free opinion in word and writing without being exposed to force or repression. A country where a book author can no longer write down his political opinion without being threatened by the State or some other politically influential circle of persons is not free. A country where one can state his free opinion only privately and behind held-up hands because he might lose his place of employment or have a complaint registered against him by his neighbor is not free. Freedom, however, also means: having physical, bodily freedom to go wherever one wishes and whenever one wishes. A country where one must limit his freedom to move about because the State, by reason of political consideration for the preservation of security and order, renounces and gives up its public area to self-appointed municipal warlords – young street gangs, Sharia patrols, etc. –, is not free.

Also, Germany and Holland are no longer free countries anymore. Each day, in Germany, in Holland, and in all of Europe, we are losing a piece of freedom. Each day, the power of force and oppression is growing. This development exists in direct connection with the policy of ethnic settlement and islamic colonization: Because this policy is unjust, the issue caused by this injustice is that the naming of this injustice by word and in writing is suppressed. Because Islam is gaining influence we are retreating from this growing influence and giving up public space to the raw violence of islamic street gangs. However, a government that prevents the free expression of opinion on the basis of this political tactic is no longer a free, democratic government but already bears the characteristics of an oppressive, totalitarian ideological state! And a state that foregoes the preservation of public safety and order out of political calculation makes itself allies with club law! Therefore our mutual objective says: We want for Germany and Holland to become free countries again: Countries in which we can move about freely and without fear, everywhere, in every city, in every neighborhood and on every street! And countries in which a true intellectual freedom finally reigns once again, and not the stuffy, petty bourgeois forced thought of politically correct opinion police!

Truth, justice and freedom – those are our mutual goals. It is our largest, mutual hope that we will achieve these goals. And this mutual hope needs bearers of hope. One of these bearers of hope, one of the totally great names that embodies this mutual hope, sits here today among us. It is his name that gives many people this mutual hope today, not only in Germany and Holland, but in all of Europe. It is his name that in all of Europe stands for a great message: the message that truth, justice and freedom will ultimately win in the end; that truth, justice and freedom in the end are always stronger than lies, injustice and oppression. This name is – the one and only – Geert Wilders.

Photo Gallery:

(Photos: Michaels S., Camera & Video Processing: theAnti2007)

Posted by PI / Translation: Anders Denken

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