As Belgian media report, ex-Vlaams Belang member Bart Debie (photo left with the former party chief Fililp Dewinter) was a years-long colleague in the Belgian internal security service (“Staatsveligheid”). Debie was, among other things, 2007 participant in the Counter Jihad Meeting in Brussels and in the same year took part in an anti-mosque demonstration by Pro Köln in Cologne-Ehrenfeld.

Pro Deutschland writes the following regarding this:

Bart Debie of Vlaams Belang [Flemish Interest], former representative in the Antwerp city parliament, was an agent of the Belgian secret service. This was announced today through an article in the Flemish newspaper “De Standaard”, see here. According to the article, Debie himself admitted of having been smuggled into Vlaams Belang by the Belgian secret service in the year 2007. There he caused trouble until November 2010 until the party ejected him.

Former police officer Debie proudly bore the name “robocop.” He was prosecuted after he allegedly abused a Turkish prisoner in 2003. The spectacular judgment followed remarkably only in 2008 when the opportunity arose to use it as a smear campaign against Vlaams Belang. Meanwhile, the suspicion has arisen that it might have been an issue of a politically motivated mock trial.

Debie, in the most sordid way, assimilated into Vlaams Belang against the head of the party, Filip Dewinter, upon whom he tried to bring internal discredit. His behavior led to the initiation of a party order procedure that ended with his ejection.

In July 2010, Debie was official representative of Vlaams Belang at the national assembly of the pro Deutschland citizens movement at the Schöneberg town hall. He used his short greeting for insulting statements against Berlin’s “gay mayor,” Klaus Wowereit, that was documented and commented on with relish by the RBB TV network.

Regarding the exposure of Bart Debie, Manfred Rouhs explains:

“The Debie case shows once again how extensively democracy and rule of law in Europe are disintegrating in secret service. Even with elected national representatives like Bart Debie, it has in part to do with remote-controlled rubber dolls of the secret services, whose assignment should shake the remaining trust of the citizens in the parliamentary institutions. The fact that the election participation is constantly receding, shouldn’t make us wonder about conditions in whose confines the voters don’t know on whose payroll the posted candidates stand.

We will not let ourselves be stopped by provocateurs and underminers like Bart Debie. Our solidarity applies to friends from Vlaams Belang, who want to establish a democratic, independent state that will quickly distance itself from the dirt of the Belgian situations.

Posted by PI / Translation: Anders Denken

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