Madrid just escaped a nail bomb attack on the famous Almudena Cathedral by a hair’s breadth. The cathedral, which took centuries to build and could only be dedicated for the first time in 1993 by Pope John Paul II, is one of the tourist attractions of the Spanish capital, with corresponding public traffic.

As la Croix reports, unknown individuals attempted to cause an explosion with bomb made with a nail-filled camping gas container and a timed detonator. Fortunately, a pastor coincidentally found the horror machine before it exploaded in a garbage bag. He immediately initiated the evacuation of the church, and the bomb was able to be disarmed by special forces.

Imagine if the bomb had been placed not in front of a Christian house of God but rather in front of the Central Mosque in Madrid. We most certainly would have gotten from the cud chewed in all the mainstream media this “infamous act of islamophobia” as a page one headline. And in this case? The media smoke bomb throwers tremble with fear that the originators of this thwarted attack could perhaps be attributed to the same group of people as the Madrid train attacks whose ninth anniversary is in four weeks. Such realities greatly disrupt the journalistic mission of educating the population to self-loathing and resignation in light of the Muslim invasion invasion.

Posted by PI / Translation: Anders Denken

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