As expected, and with the same interchangeable Islam rhetoric we know about, the Umma in Denmark has reacted to the attack on Islam critic Lars Hedegaard (PI reported) in order to persuade society that Islam means “peace.” Denmark’s islamic faith association (Islamisk Trossamfund) is distancing itself from the attempted killing. “We don’t know what the motive is. We live in a society in which one must endure criticism and must be able to criticize one another. That doesn’t mean that violence can be exercised. What happened is completely unacceptable,” their speaker Imran Shah said.

Imam Kassem Rachid said: “Even though we don’t share his (Hedegaard’s) opinion and statements about Islam and Muslims, we can never accept violent and terrorist activities. We take great distance from such an action. At the same time we call for all Muslims in the West, and especially in Denmark, to behave according to islamic writings and reject any form of violence and terror.

It is impressive, how one can simultaneously swear off violence and threaten with it time and again because certain Suras in the islamic writings are known to call for violence against non-Muslims. Perhaps the “postman” was following Sura 9 verse 5, for example, from the Koran:

“And when the holy months are over, then kill the heathen wherever you find them, seize them, besiege them and lie in ambush for them everywhere.”

Thus, however, he didn’t grow up all alone without his fellow believers against this enemy. This, therefore, was nothing new – but was something still missing anyway? After every islamic terror act, every act of violence against non-Muslims, Islam representatives have portrayed themselves as the real victims, and the media especially have supported them strongly in this.

This time, Saliha Marie Fetteh (photo above left), convert and lecturer at the Sudanese University, Department Center for Near East Studies, played this tune. In the Kristelig Dagblad newspaper, she writes under the headline “Attack against Hedegaard affects Muslims” among other things:

Now, that which some have feared would also happen in Denmark has happened: An attempt at an attack against a public person that is generally known, for their hate-filled criticism of Muslims and Islam, which is allowed this man since there is freedom of speech in Denmark.

She apparently kept silent about the attacks on Kurt Westergaard and the Jyllands Posten newspaper. The Danish convert to Islam goes on:

“Lars Hedegaard is mainly known because of his islamophobic rhetoric in which he, among other things, compares Islam with National Socialism and has accused Muslim men of raping their own children, nieces, etc. in order to engender hate and conflict between the majority and the largest minority group.”

But also this indirect threat: “Your own fault when you criticize our religion, then…” is definitely not new for observant infidels. But now Saliha Marie Fetteh gets creative and produces something totally new, the right-wing-oriented, radical Moslem!

“Of course, his statements are so greatly different from those that one can hear from right-wing oriented, extreme Muslims! In reality, it is perhaps a extreme right-wing, vengeance-seeking man with Muslim background that shot at another extreme right-wing man that hates Muslims?”

We actually have always pointed out that a great proximity exists between Islam and National Socialism. This, therefore created the Nazi-Moslem that shot at a formerly leftist critic of Islam (Lars Hedegaard was member of the Socialist Labor Party, and today still employs Marxist analyses of society, but advocates as a matter of priority for free speech) out of hate.

Fetteh further:

“Ultimately the action of the perpetrator affects not only Hedegaard, but also many Muslims in Denmark who once again are at risk of being subject to suspicion. […] I hope the attack doesn’t deteriorate the view of Islam and the life of Muslims in Denmark, since many years have been taken up in the building of various networks and dialogue forums. The goal of dialogue is the peaceful coexistence between people. A coexistence that is often made difficult in Denmark by vocal right-wing extremists, from the Muslim side as well as the non-Muslim side.”

This victim rhetoric is definitely the same old story, but that of the extreme right-wing Moslem, however, is very interesting. Therefore, watch out; the battle against the Right must logically be expanded to right-wing oriented, radical Moslems!

(Source: here and here / Translation from Danish: Alster)

Posted on PI / Translation: Anders Denken

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