Agitation, threats of murder, insults, hate: That appears to be an important part of the thought process for many Moslems in this country and anyone who has expressed things critical of Islam have had such experiences. Given that which is thrown against the head and would otherwise go undetected in the street, and that which would lead and has led to physical attacks, technology makes it possible to see those things in the form of screen shots: In the islamic parallel society there exists an immense potential of hostility and violence against everything that isn’t in line with them.

(By Sebastian Nobile)

A female critic of Islam on Facebook gathered from one single group alone around 100 such expressions by several different Moslems, which statements I myself know from many other contexts.

Here are a few excerpts from them. In a private message, a Kosovo Albanian writes, for example:

“Yes thank you german pig 😀 Oh yes thanks that we can live from your money and can also still beat you up for it hahaha byeeee :- *:-* and when you are alreddy so hard make clean picture but you know that you will be killed little pig :-D:-D “

The following expressions, by the way, are motivated individually and solely because there is even the Facebook group mentioned that calls itself “I hate Jesus and Allah”. Just the existence of this group has “provoked” Moslems to the following expressions. I as a Christian also reject the name of this group, but I haven’t found one single Christian that has expressed themselves in a misanthropic way against the admin. I simply asked him what he had against Jesus. By the way, these expressions from Muslims can be found in lots of groups!

One writes thus:

“you will yet see what will be done with you “

Another dreams:

“Sucha [sp] person as you needs to be locked up and raped. I hope we find you. You infidel will get your punishment inshallah.”

The private area of the body is definitely a favored theme:

“You infidel whore’s son, the pig in the title picture will f— your mother”

One has especially refined fantasies:

“You d— [sp] sons of whores. Where is your pride? I would most like to saw[sp] your fingers off and shove the fingers in your a–. God will yet punish you[sp], you will all[sp] burn you whore’s sons !!!”

Also the “Jew” is used at great lengths as an invective by Moslems:


Yet, others can’t wait for things in Germany to be handled correctly according to Islam:

“For people like you stoning must be allowed you motherless bastard[sp]”

A female Muslim threatens in cookie-cutter fashion:

“watch out that 10,000 muslims don’t stand before you tomorrow to give you a punch!”

I don’t want to bore you with too many examples, but this kind of expression can be found quite often on the Internet. I myself have read hundreds of them, received the worst of private messages. They underscore the warped, violence-glorifying, totalitarian and low-down character of the islamic culture, but also especially that of the existing islamic parallel society that, according to many do-gooders, enriches us so much. Only about a year and a half ago did I declare myself critical of Islam and I must most clearly state: We have here an issue of mass of contempt for mankind, violence and hate, which cannot be compared to that which comes from the neo-Nazi camp or other parts of the population in the orientation of Muslims. I have been spat on, threatened with death, hit with stones and bottles, insulted and accosted in many different ways. Some of these actions were covered by the police and the district attorney and happened under the police’s eyes.

The issue here is that of a formidable threat potential because the statement is true that “our thoughts become our actions.” What these people carry around in their hearts, which corresponds exactly with the exemplary character of Mohammed and his “teachings,” is what gets dumped in such statements as those above. And if these things are simply allowed to happen, then it will begin to turn more into actions than what has already been going on.

Fortunately, however, on Facebook one can laugh a lot at those who openly expose themselves through naïveté and ignorance due to lacking education and islamic brainwashing and can be caught here and there in screen shots.

Guest Article on PI / Translation: Anders Denken

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