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Archiv für den March, 2013:

Spiegel TV showed a gripping report about the four explosive believers devout Moslems that wanted to blow up Markus Beisicht along with his family – true to the forever-applying command by Allah “kill the infidels wherever you find them” and according to the example of their prophet who had his critics killed. In the refrigerator […]

The Salafists must be taken seriously: They not only outwardly try to imitate their perfect example and perfect man “prophet” Mohammed with their long beards, frocks and caps, they also want to follow him with his actions. And since Mohammed had many of his critics killed, now they also want to kill critics of Islam […]

Two weeks after the French National Assembly’s vote for the institution of homosexual marriage, hundreds of thousands of opponents demonstrated again on Sunday in Paris (photo) against the process. The organizers spoke participation by 1.4 million that police first reported in a first estimate of 300,000, dpa reports. Der Spiegel otherwise writes – and that […]

Yesterday (3/3), a probably the most remarkable rally took place in Munich since the beginning of the citizens’ petition against the ZIEM (Islamic Center of Europe – Munich) began. All opponents were there: Imam Idriz, his attorney Braun, Adlatus Wimmer, City Councilman Offman, SPD Bundestag candidate Post, Juso (Young Socialists) head Wrede and who knows […]

Tumultuous scenes played out yesterday in front of the Cologne city hall. Around 40 violent left-wing extremists attacked a small group of city councilmen and employees of the PRO KÖLN party when they tried to enter yesterday’s session of the town council in their capacity as elected mandate bearers (we reported). The police arrested at […]

Unfortunately, nobody has counted how many murders Turks, other Mohammedans and foreigners have committed in the Federal Republic of Germany the past 30 years. One thing is for sure, the so-called “NSU” by contrast moves about in the units per thousand area. Here is something current from Augsburg: On July 1, 2012, Diana P. (21) […]

As Spiegel Online reports today (3/19), one of the four Salafists that planned an attack on the head of the Pro NRW party was apparently a police candidate and was just about to begin police service. Koray D., such is the name of the Salafist cultural enricher, in addition was supposed to have trained for […]

Daniel S.’s case was definitely an alleged isolated case. Here are excerpts from the original police press: According to police information up to this point, the 20-year-old was physically attacked by two unknown southerners* at the Hamburg main train station in the area of the Fisherman’s Tower and was beaten with a belt and a […]

The police leadership in Bielefeld has apaprently learned nothing from the most recent developments. Just after the barely thwarted attack on PRO-NRW president Markus Beisicht, the protection of freedom-oriented opposition politicians in eastern Westphalia appears still to be a small matter. The outrageous attack today during a series of rallies for the Peoples Initiative Against […]

Last Saturday, a mass brawl broke out between Kurds and Turks in downtown Hannover. A Turk had to be brought to a hospital because of a knife stab in the back. The Turks first rioted at a Kurdish rally, after that they attacked a female worker at an info stand who had gotten involved for […]

As is already known to the seasoned reader, today (March 16), a funeral and vigil for Daniel S. took place in Kirchweyhe in which around 1500 people took part.

The BILD newspaper is publishing in their edition today a call for donations for the family of Daniel S. from Kirchweyhe who was kicked to death by a Turkish band of thugs. Daniel’s mother, elder care giver Ruth S. (photo) raised her four sons Christian (25), Daniel(†), David (22) and Tobias (21) alone and doesn’t […]

In the monocriminal Moslem ghetto of Bonn-Tannenbusch (with a minaret mosque) lives convert Marco G., one of the four Salafists whom the police arrested in Leverkusen in connection with the attempted attack on PRO-NRW president Markus Beisicht Tuesday evening (PI reported). On a death list found with the alleged perpetrators were yet another nine PRO-NRW […]

In the case of the failed bomb attack on the Bonn main train station in December there is a hot lead: As FOCUS found out from investigation circles, the radically islamic Salafist Marco G. from Bonn has outed himself in a wiretapped conversation as possible bomb setter.

Just as it was in Marburg in 2010, when the SPD Lord Mayor Egon Vaupel has put a ban on a funeral procession for 25-year-old Samuel killed by a Turk and a gypsy, now even the SPD mayor of Kirchweyhe, Frank Lemmermann, has forbidden a planned funeral procession for the murdered Daniel.

On March 13rd 2013, it became known that only an energetic, last-minute intervention of police averted a brutal attempt by radical Muslims in Leverkusen, Germany, to assassinate Markus Beisicht (Foto), chairman of a right wing regional party. Also if, for whatever reasons, you may be strongly critical of the political position of Beisicht and his […]

It was an unbelievable crime that once again leaves one speechless. A Turkish mob of thugs in Lower Saxon Kirchweyhe (photo: one of the perpetrators, Coskun A., who was again released like his accomplices) kicked against the upper body and head of Daniel S. until he lay motionless on the ground. Because his brain was […]

Egypt’s attorney general has issued a decree: In the near future, anyone can arrest anyone. The army is speaking about an end to the rule of law and threatens to intervene. On the weekend, President Mursi’s new attorney general, Talaat Abdullah, empowered all citizens to arrest others temporarily if they “vandalize public or private property, […]

Ahmed S. (photo), divorced father of five children and of Moroccan origin, allegedly carried his butcher’s knife with him, when on September 26, 2012, he sneakingly killed 32-year-old Job Center case worker Irene N. without warning with four stabs in Lower-Rhine Neuss. The crime shocked all of Germany. On Wednesday, March 6th, the trial against […]

A strictly devout Muslim had to leave an airplane in Saudi Arabia because he didn’t want to be on the plane with unaccompanied women. While a stewardess explained security precautions, the Saudi criticized the fact that she was underway without a male relative. The Saudi newspaper “Okaz” reported this Tuesday. “I am against this airplane […]

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