The World Health Organization has just released its first risk report after the mishap at Fukushima. The experts agree: damages to health by radiation from the damaged nuclear units are hardly recognizable. It is questionable whether the statistics really will show additional cancer cases. The radiation doses for the majority of the general population are too low for this, it said. Die ZEIT reported this!

And they also report that the predictions that have gone around up until now were totally different. The crazy “environmental activists” of Global 2000 predicted 120,000 cancer cases as a result of the radioactivity. But Die ZEIT wouldn’t be Die ZEIT if they didn’t put new, Greens-tainted rubbish into circulation: The worst case scenario refugees are showing extreme symptoms of stress; one in five has indications of traumatized psyche.

Did Merkel shut down our nuclear generators so that we wouldn’t have a traumatized psyche, or what? She could have let it remain like it was because most Germans have been mentally ill for a long time anyway! Here is the report from the WHO!

Posted by kewil on PI / Translation: Anders Denken

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